Ciao Ciao/Gioco/BV in Amore

  1. Which is the cutest in the Amore print!!?:nuts:

    Which has the best chance of random print placement? :rolleyes:
  2. I don't know...but I love my Gioco in Amore :biggrin:
  3. ciaociao and buon viaggio will give u everything! buon viaggio u can get nit picky about who u want CENTERED...gioco...its harder but then again i think amore looks good with any print placement on any bag! hence the need to buy them all!
  4. I'm really wanting an Amore Ciao now, the smaller one, & I just got my Gioco yesterday! These bags have made me crazy.
  5. I know. I want all the small bags. I like the small ones, they are cute.
  6. Can the ciao and the ciao ciao carry a lot of stuff? Do they get bulky?
  7. I didn't like the ciao ciao because it didn't have the depth I wanted. It seemed too bulky once I started loading it up so I went with the campeggio instead.

    There are others though that love the ciao and ciao ciao. Personal preference.
  8. I think Gioco is the best in this print. :yes:
  9. I think they all look good. :smile: Got my amore zucca and that is great!
  10. I think there is an error in the Macy's system with the Amore BV pricing. I purchased one this morning. It rang up as $120 instead of retail $160. I got an extra 20% off using my Macy's card. It came out to $96 plus tax. So even though I don't care for the black mesh at all, and told myself I wasn't going to buy the BV in Amore for this reason, I couldn't pass up a good deal.
  11. Toadflowed, Congrats on the savings .Where did you get your BV amore. Did the tag says BV or Mamma Mia.. probably they put the wrong tag on the BV ?
  12. It is so hard to pass up a good deal, especially on these bags. I purchased the bag at Macy's in San Diego. Julicrystal, I looked at the tag, and it says Buon Viaggio, and it even lists $160 as the retail price. The SA was also surprised that it rang up as $120. I had the Bella in hand, but it rang up as the full retail price, so I went for the better deal. This will be my third BV bag (Inferno/Paradiso).
  13. Ooo which Macy's did you go to? I live in SD too. They had a lot of Amores at Grossmont Macy's last night.

    BTW, i was at Bloomingdales too and when we were looking at the Toki's, my daughter blurts out, 'hey mom a tokidoki backpack's on sale!' i look at it and it's a Citta marked down from $172 to $124. THen it was an additional 40% off. So i paid $77 bux for it. :smile: Bloomingdales has similar markdowns as Macy's! =)
  14. leen619 and Toadflower:
    Those are some good deals down in San Diego. I'm over here in the L.A. area and there's never anything left to get marked down to such a good price!
  15. Leen619, thanks for the info about Grossmont Macy's. I saw your other post and it sounds like they have quite a few Amore bags at Grossmont Center. I went to North County Fair and was pleasantly surprised they had Amore, as well as a few Pirata and Adios. Wow! You got a great deal on the backpack at Bloomie's. I would have bought it too! I was able to get a Paradiso Stellina a while ago that was marked down to $58 at Bloomies. The print placement wasn't so great on the pockets side, but perfect on the other side. Again, a great deal!