Ciao Ciao functionality - What do you carry in it?

  1. The Ciao Ciao is great for getting fantastic, fully unadulturated, uninterrupted print, but aside from flat items, what do you like to carry in your Ciao Ciao? Is it tough to get into the main compartment when worn folded over? Does your Ciao Ciao get too bulky? When do you like to wear it? (going out, school, going to coffee, etc) Do you use yours a lot? I remember someone posted the contents from their Ciao Ciao and was wondering what other owners use their Ciao Ciao for. :supacool:
  2. You know, I have the EXACT same question!

    I could never understand what people put in it :shrugs:

    Haha thats why I dont have a Ciao or Ciao Ciao ATM..

    the Ciao's really cute though.. hehe

    Ciao/Ciao Ciao owners, please answer the question! :biggrin:
  3. sorry i can't help you as i don't have one yet but am very interested in finding out the answer too! i recently won an eBay auction for a ciao and can let you know how i like the mini version when i get it.
  4. I think this questions had been asked over and over again, I remember someone saying that she uses her ciao ciao to carry folders to work/school since folders can fit nicely in a ciao ciao.

    I used to have a ciao ciao but i sold it because i think its too big for me. But I do :heart: the ciao. I use it to go to the malls, buying groceries, eating out...just going out basically. I dont carry too much stuff in my purse, thats why ciao is fine even though its small. I can fit in cellphone, wallet, keys, lipgloss and some tissues. I think thats all you can fit on a ciao. It will be too bulky or cant be folded over if you fit in more stuff.

    Hope this helps!
  5. i love my ciao!! i use it the long way so i have all my flat stuff in the front pocket...lip gloss case, mirror, cell phone, camera which are all flat and fit fine..sometimes i stick my wallet there too..

    then everything else in the main compartment like drops for my contacts, wallet, keys, and whatever else i may be carrying..and in the back tiny pocket i keep my contacts n chapstick! i love it!

    the ciao ciao i bought for the print (foresta) and it is a lot of space so the bag gets really flappy...but i just stuff wahtever i normally carry and even a it gets bulky but i think it looks kyoot like that. i'm thinking of sticking cardboard inside for when i carry less things but i wanna keep its shape =)
  6. I carry all the usual stuff that I carry in every bag.... a caramella with miscellaneous "junk" in it (mints, pen, aspirin, hand lotion, etc). My Denaro. Phone, PDA.

    I carry a bigger bag like the Ciao Ciao when I want to take along "extra stuff" so then it also has maybe a magazine, my knitting, my DS lite. If anything I'm carrying is really bulky then I carry a BV or Zucca instead.
  7. so how do you like your ds lite? Are you playing animal crossing yet?:smile:
  8. btt- I have 2 ciao ciaos. I like them. If I was working right now they would be great. I was a writer and would always need to have clipboard/papers with me most of the time on the go. Unfortunately, I don't think I can afford to keep bags around for a few years before I go back to I may sell my paradiso ciao ciao....since I already replaced it with a campeggio to tote around lots of kid stuff!

    It also looks cute as a bag you can carry all your essentials and then a few more things like a sweater or books or shopping items. The great thing about it is that when you want to "load it up" when you're out and about, you just move the caribiners up to the top rings and then you have a longer bag w/more room! Since the shoulder strap is removable, you can use it on your other smaller bags looks cute on the bambino and the dolce.
  9. Play it every day... I have to keep up with the weeding and flower watering!!
  10. I tried a ciao ciao and didn't really like it. :shrugs: Ciao though, I love. I have two Ciao and use them for going out and stuff. I used my Pirata Ciao a lot in Disneyworld. All my stuff is pretty flat that I put in it. As long as you don't overstuff it the Ciao is cool.
  11. I have one Ciao Ciao in the Paradiso print and I use it to carry my books for my evening French class. It's perfect for that because I can easily carry it cross shoulder.
    I just ordered my first Ciao in Spiaggia so I don't have it yet, but I expect it will carry just the basics.
  12. I actually stuff my ciao and to me it looks fine. I manage to fit my treo, denero, cigs (yes I know I should quit), 5 tubes of lip gloss(I don't know why I do that), lip balm, my keys, when I need to my sunglasses & abunch of smaller random things.

    Now for the ciao ciao - I still haven't used either of the ones I have yet but I think it will be for my btwn building hikes at work and I shove my notepads and other stuff I need when I have to head off to other mtgs.
  13. i wore my olive playground ciao ciao for a month or two and i loved it. you can stuff tons of misc stuff in it. personally i prefer it fill it up so it looks fuller like a real messenger bag versus keeping it flat with books and such.
  14. I have 2 ciao ciao in the pirata and amore prints. I love it because being a being a mom to two little boys I can stuff a lot in there if I need to. I also like the way it dips in the middle when there is some weight in there. I think it gives the bag a different look.

    I also have the smaller ciao but have not yet used it yet. I can't fit all my usual stuff in there so I'm trying to think of ways I can fit it in.
  15. I just scored an Inferno Ciao Ciao at Metropark. I got it for 40% off:woohoo: So now I have 5 bags with Inferno print and 1 Pirata...hee hee... Hey, I couldn't resist the was the only Toki bag marked down...I think it was meant to be..ha ha!