Ciao Ciao: Citta? Citta Rosa? Pirata?

  1. I'm looking for a third Ciao Ciao. I already have Adios Star and Inferno. I am in love with the Citta, but so far there are none to be had. Would you settle for the Citta Rosa? I just don't know, it might be too pink for my personal taste. I also love the Pirata print, but I don't know if I would be happy with the brown straps and gold tone hardware. What are your thoughts? Thanks!
  2. I don't have a Ciao Ciao yet, but I am trying to purchase a lot of Pirata items, because I LOVE IT! I know a lot of people aren't crazy about it, though. I think I like the Citta better than the Citta Rosa...but I don't own anything in these prints yet.
  3. i think all 3 prints are beautiful. my next purchase will def. be the citta rosa (bc i LOVE pink) and the pirata. i tried on the pirata ciao ciao at macys on tues. and was thisclose to buying it. i thought the colors went really well together, plus it had the perfect print placement of all the girls. it all depends on what u think, since u'll be carrying the bag.
  4. I do love pirata because blue is my fave color. That being said, I think that citta rosa is also beautiful. I just didn't realize it until recently .. it kinda grew on me.

    But yah in the end it all depends on your likes and dislikes.
  5. I have 5 Ciao Ciao and I'd say if you like Pink, go for the Citta Rosa. It is absolutely beautiful. That said, the CR Ciao Ciao is rather hard to find now so your next bet would be the Pirata print. I am holding my purchase till they go to the outlet. :smile:
  6. Do we know when Pirata will hit the outlets?:yahoo:
  7. Pirata ciao ciao is really cute! the hardware is actually BRONZE not Gold like the amore... the brown straps and bronze hardware are exactly the same as the foresta (i compared the ones i had) :smile:
  8. Spoke with the SA from Seattle Outlet - most prolly early July! :nuts:
  9. moofia, do you have any pics of the pirata ciao ciao? think i could pull it off if i wear a lot of black? thanks!
  10. I have a pirata ciao ciao and I wear it with pretty much anything, I wear mainly black t shirts and I don't even notice the brown strap or bronze hardware and I get tons of compliments because it shows off so much of the print!
  11. I'm going to be in so much trouble!!!! You guys are convincing me to get the pirata, too!!!
  12. why not get them all :graucho:
  13. yeah like we do!:nuts::blush:
  14. hmmm well if ur not a big fan of pink, i'd say go with the citta has good safe colors that can go well with almost nething...i'm a huge advocate for pink so i'd pick citta rosa all the way! pirata would be awesome! though i think its a bit too busy with all the darker bold colors to carry as a ciaociao
  15. lalalalala ... get em all ... lalalalala ... :woohoo: