Ciao Ciao & Ciao Vs Stellina

  1. I just bought 2 Ciao Ciao but have yet to scotchgard & use them. It seems that they aren't user-friendly???? How do you ladies use your Ciao Ciao?

    Does a Stellina hold more than a Ciao to you ladies??
  2. the one thing i've noticed about my ciao ciao since i got it yesterday is that the hardware clanging together makes quite a ruckus. it's comfortable to wear though, but i guess even though i'm petite i'm not picky about sizes and styles 'cause i carry a cucciolo to school.

    i think like the bambino/bambinone vs the dolce the stellina would hold thicker items, but the ciao ciao would hold longer items. the ciao seems pretty small to me though.
  3. Ciao Ciao are very big for a flap bag, to me. Kkiimm- that is something I don't like about Ciao/Ciao Ciao's is the hardware. I wish there was a way to reduce the blingage.
  4. mmm i don't think it's too bad if you like to carry a lot. but you're right about the hardware.. such big hoops!
  5. i have all three of those styles and the Stellina holds WAY more than a ciao....the caio is 2 dimensional and flat whereas the stellina has depth and width and height~ i use the ciao ciao as a messenger type bag for work... i don't carry it around shopping or out to a restaurant...maybe to Disneyland? :p ciao ciao's are not as versatile as some other styles but if you have a use for it, they;re amazing! i luv em!
  6. My stellina is a lot roomier than my ciao - and it doesn't look funky if it has a lot of things in it. The ciao is built so if you put too many things inside, it gets bulky and out-of-shape~ I just recently used my ciao ciao for class, and it worked out great... slip a notebook and folder inside, and all of my essentials in the front pocket... and I was good to go~ It looked great on me, too :yes: :tup:
  7. Plus the jingle-age :p
  8. The Ciao Ciao's main compartment kind of bugs me as it's so long.. It seems quite troublesome to get stuff from the main compartment...
  9. i own both a ciao and stellina. i love my stellina it looks like it can hold a lot. The ciao seems good for going out with the bare necessities. I haven't used either bag, just tried it on. I prefer the stellina over the ciao, because the ciao banging and clanging of all the rings and hoops.
  10. I am a sucker for Ciao Ciao and I don't think it's really that difficult to carry - I always carry my Ciao Ciao folded and keep the essentials on the outside flap and others in the main compartment. The Stellina is too small for me. As for the Ciao, I carry it flat (fully opened) and it does hold quite a bit but only for light outings only.

    And it is true that both the Ciao2 and Ciao makes lotsa noise but living in NYC, noise doesn't really bother me that much. :smile: