Ciao Bella says hi!

  1. Hello ladies and gentlemen,

    This is my first thread, a good friend of mines suggested the purse forum as my first blog to join and after weeks of listening and watching her have so much fun and me visiting almost every night, I've decided to become a member. Now you can stop harassing me bagasms.
  2. Hi Ciao Bella

    Lovely to have you here!:flowers:
  3. Hiya and Welcome. Lol, I'm sure bagasms is thrilled you're finally a member:smile:)
  4. Welcome!
  5. welcome here:flowers::welcome:
  6. Welcome!! :flowers:

    Hope you're having a good day!!:beach:
  7. Welcome to the forum Ciao Bella. :heart:
  8. Welcome!
  9. hello and welcome to tPF.
  10. Welcome to tpf!
  11. welcome welcome!
  12. welcome!! you will love it here! :flowers:
  13. Welcome!! :flowers:
  14. Welcome! My daughter's name is Bella (Isabella) and I am always saying Ciao Bella to her,lol.
  15. Welcome ........enjoy