Chyc clutch in Gris

  1. Hi ladies,

    Just wanted to share my new Chyc clutch that I got for myself as a present for graduating from college. Still celebrating after two weeks :p

    Went to the YSL store in Munich looking for a Chyc clutch, and I fell in love instantly! The SA told me that it's a new colour called 'Gris'. The YSL website says it's a "rich suede is coated with resin to give a raindrop-like effect".

    I brought her out for a nice sunny day and I fell even deeper in love. Under bright lights, she sparkles incessantly, but not too over-the-top. Perfect for dressy events.

    This is her under normal lighting with the rest of my YSL collection. I'm looking to get another YSL clutch. Perhaps when I get my first paycheck from my first full-time job :graucho:

    Hope you liked my pictures and have a nice day!
  2. Wauw this is insane soooo beautiful I love it!! Thanks for sharing and congrats to you!!!
  3. Congrats! I love the subtle shine of the gris. It reminds me of the Balenciaga stardust collection from a few years ago.
  4. Hi,
    I love your clutch and its stingray effect :smile:
    Where did you buy your amazing purple bracelet ? I search desesperately this model ...
    (Gris is grey in french)
    Thank you ! Julie
  5. Very pretty and well done on your graduation.
  6. Thank you, Francis T, bubbleloba, jujuto, and steph22 :smile:

    jujuto: I bought the purple bracelet in YSL Singapore. But I saw that it was in stock in the YSL Munich store when I visited it just two weeks ago. Hope this helps!
  7. That is gorgeous! :love: Congrats on your graduation!
  8. Congrats on your beautiful clutch .. I saw it yesterday and decided to buy it as well .. Along with the matching tribute sandals :smile:
  9. So pretty! congrats!
  10. Very nice, love the rings
  11. wow...such a beautiful clutch...i love your rings collection too!! ;)
    can i know how much is your bracelet?
    and did you manage to have a grasp on other clutches as well. i saw there's a lot of nice color in the website, but it looks fabric to me!
  13. Gorgeous! Congratulations on your graduation, that's a perfect present! :biggrin:
  14. Thank you, Sugar Fly, Nala-DXB, noon, momofgirls, missbianti, alien, and kikimaru! :smile:

    Nala-DXB: any pictures of the sandals? ;)

    alien: Bought them at SGD$330 each, but they're now SGD$360. They were €175 in the Munich store iirc. Except for a leopard print one, the rest of the Chyc and BDJ clutches were all leather!
  15. Congrats on graduating!!!! That clutch is beautiful!!!! Now, I regret not buying a fuschia one some weeks back.

    And your YSL collection is very nice!