Chunky Necklaces: Who Wears Them Better?

  1. I thought this trend had come and gone, but it looks like it has been updated and is even stronger than ever with celebrities!

    If you are going to attempt to wear a shunky necklace, remember to keep the rest of your outfit subtle. The chunky necklace should be the only focal point and shouldn't have to fight for attention with loud colors or overdone makeup. Just keep the rest of your look REALLY natural.


    I love these two necklaces worn by Amanda Bynes and Drew Barrymore. Although I am personally a bigger fan of Amanda as a celebrity, I think Drew pulled off this trend better. Amanda's necklace was too close to her face and really took away from her natural beauty. Drew's necklace hung further from her face in several metallic layers. It really complimented her well.

    What do you think ladies?
  2. I like it a lot on Drew.

    I think it looks a little tacky on Amanda. The crystals dripping into the cleavage looks a little too Vegas showgirl to me...
  3. drew looked better like you said it wasn't so close to her face. Do you think women who are large chested can wear it? I wouldn't think it looks good because it would be a lot going on up there
  4. sorry but i don't argeee ... I like Amanda's look way better!! lol!!!!
  5. I like the one on Drew...but I really love the gold chunky jewlery...with jeans and a t, its really sweet addition!!
  6. I think it looks much better on Drew. More "natural" and less "staged", IYKWIM.:tup:
  7. I think Drew pulls the look of better in this case. Where can I get this necklace! I love it. I have a chunky necklace that is sort of similar to Drews and the number of people who stop and ask me where I got it is unreal. Good ol' Mikey jewellery here in London :p
  8. Wow...I totally think Drew looks overwhelmed by the necklace. It's too much. It doesn't add to her look it takes away. I think the other one is better (even though I don't like the necklace itself) - it adds to her rather than detracts.

    I love chunky necklaces but I can't pull them off. I tend to think that larger women pull them off better. :smile: If you're a little bigger and wear a small necklace the necklace looks overwhelmed and too small.

    It really depends on the person though.
  9. I prefer Drew's look, and Amanda looks really plastic in that photo :s
  10. I like them both, but Drew's better.
  11. Drew looks a lot nicer, I think.
  12. Another for Drew:tup:
  13. drew. love the necklace and outfit. great match. the long straight hair really complimented the look too.
  14. Drew looks fabulous! Amanda looks a bit "I'm wearing my mommy's jewelery" to me.
  15. i couldnt agree more.:yes: it must be amandas smile that throws it off.

    theyre BOTH LOVELY.
    but drew takes the cake