Chunky Knit Purse?

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  1. I see where chunky knits are the trend for this season, but I was wondering if this applies to handbags. Anyone seen any of these out there? I made a small brown alpaca wool tote, but I didn't know if it was still too "kitschy" to use, or if it would be in style right now, riding on the tails of the trend. Any opinions?
  2. Yes. Angelina was wearing one...Can't remember for the life of me what it was called, but look for a Thread about Angelina Jolie's bag.

    I say wear it. If you made it, all the better!
  3. I'd be scared that all my stuff would be poking out of the bag. Like pens, keys, etc.
  4. I believe it was a Gerard Darel bag.
  5. Yes, I do have to put "non-pokey" stuff in it for that reason! I have to put my keys in a little pochette, but I do that with all of my purses because I don't want to pull/scratch the lining.
    Thank you all for the encouragement, that Darel bag is cute, mine's not nearly that intricate (no poms poms! :p)! Good to know it's out there- I'll get to rockin' my tote!
  6. You can always add a lining (cotton or some other fabric) to the knit bag, in order to prevent things from poking through (and also to give it a bit more shape).
  7. I LOVE this bag when I saw it!!

    Unfortunatly, they are all sold out right now...leave it to Angelina to wear something and then the next day it is gone...hopefully it will come back!!

  8. I really like them, they look so cute for winter! Calvin Klein has a nice one that I almost got...