Chuffed to bits.......

  1. A sneaky little e-bay purchase I made arrived today and I am absolutely thrilled with her. I missed out when they were at Bicester through dithering and regretted it ever since. The seller has restored my faith in evil-bay after my mini-alexa disaster ( still waiting from M repairs to hear what they can do and how much it will be :sad:) I know she's not to be compared with the stunning bays and dr reveals we've had on here recently - but I :heart: her!
  2. Aww - can't seem to post a pic , but she's a scribbly floral lily
  3. Congratulations Gracie, I've got the pouch in this print and it's so durable. Enjoy
  4. Here she is
    photo (4).jpg
  5. Beauty of a bag! I dithered between this and a beige lily at Bicester and went for the latter. I'd have loved both with the funds though - I think it's a really versatile bag!
  6. Gorgeous bag! I love the different shades of pink.
  7. Yeah, I dithered cos I wondered what I'd use her for even though I loved the design, but then got home and thought about it and for me she will be very versatile, I thought she might be dressy, but you know what I can see no good reason not to wear her with jeans!
  8. Absolutely! I first saw this design in the Bays & thought it was too much, but I think it goes nicely on Lily & purses. :tup:
  9. Lovely!! I have this in the bayswater but she is my Christmas present so I have a very long wait still! I will use her with jeans and a leather jacket.
  10. Ohh lovely, I saw these at the Sample sale, nearly bought it (even choose the best pattern one) but put it down in the end. Slight regret tickling my heart now - looks perfect, congrats!
  11. So you have a bag in your house somewhere that you can't have until Christmas ?? Such willpower - do you take sneaky peeks at her??:biggrin:
  12. Now now remember your comments on the album thread....
  13. Lovely!