Chucky/Edith update

  1. So I've scrunched stiff Edith up a bit and she has really loosened, to the point when unstuffed she fell off a barstool (or was that me?) and I have to give her a hand if she wants to follow me around the house to taunt me (call me an enabler!). I'm strangely attracted to the bag - not even my paddies, when new, followed me to the bedroom every night - a fact not lost on poor DH.

    Still I wonder if Chucky, er, Edith needs a few more wrinkles? Perhaps that's why it baffles me - is it too much a briefcasey stalker zombie bag? I like the pebbling, but I'd also like to see a more wrinkly one IRL to decide. What are your opinions on the wrinkle/smooth debate? And when you say smooth, is it a lack of pebbles, or lack of wrinkles you prefer?

    I've attached pics of Chucky - slightly stuffed:
  2. Omg! Lol! Did You Put Eyes On "him"!!???????
  3. Eyes courtesy the obnoxious singing Christmas tree that may not be making our street's garage sale trades this year!
  4. Funny that I read this after I tried Edith on again. Despite the fact that mine is very pebbled and has good wrinkling, she is quite rigid; her handles don't even collapse or move downward when I reach in to get something out.

    The pebbling on my Edith has a lot of depth which gives it the more distressed look I was hoping for. Your Edith is not smooth; she just doesn't have the depth of texture that gives it a more distressed look and feel. Mine still reminds me of a briefcase though - the leather is thick and stiff despite being pebbled/wrinkled!

    Edith went to a bar? LOL! This bag is going to come alive soon and taunt us all (love her eyes)!!
  5. Oh, you already know how I feel about scrumpling - but I regret the lack of grain on my Edith, and yours looks more grainy.

    It's funny about her following you to bed - just the same thing happened to me!
  6. OMG i'm RLMAF! The eyes! Goodness, you're funny! ... IMO the more wrinkled and more pebbly, the better. But maybe you should let it "bloom" by itself? My paddy was eternally stiff when i first got it and now after only a month of use it has become slouchy and oh so soft. Of course that's the paddy leather and i'm not sure about how the edith leather is. I've never seen one "live"... I still can't get over the eyes. You crack me up!
  7. Very good choice of words to describe the leather - grain! I saw your bag in the other thread and love the rumpled leather even though it's smoother leather than Blu's. I don't mind a lack of grain as long as the leather looks rumpled! So Blu, you need to find an Edith who has been in a few bar fights, whether she is grainy or smooth! :biggrin:
  8. LOL! Cute and creepy! Love it!
  9. OMG hysterical!!
  10. The barstool was in our house - I'd really doubt my judgment if I thought Edith looked 'hot' in a bar (hot for teacher!) :lol: Yes, maybe a tough biker Edith would be my style :biggrin:

    The pocket is very smooth, wrinkly and thinner than the leather elsewhere - I seem to see that mix a lot where the pocket is opposite the rest of the bag whichever way that goes. Yes, I feel another test-purchase coming on!
  11. I LOVE the eyes on the bag. If you're carrying it around in the house, you're probably in love with it. Maybe you can give it wrinkles with time rather than a quick fix?
  12. ^Good points on both, wickedassin.... probably quite true!
  13. That wrinkly old bag loosened up so much she fell off a barstool?:lol: :lol: Did her petticoats show?:lol:

    Ok...I see what you mean. She is definitely less....warped than some other Ediths I have seen. i find her beautiful in and of herself,but i do find that the warping/wrinkling adds a certain kind of depth to the bag...

    If the relative lack of it is bothering you right now,then maybe you should try to exchange her?:unsure:If you love her just the way she is,that's great!!!
  14. Beautiful bag!!! Congrats!! :love: The Chucky eyes are a cute touch, at first, I wasn't sure what I was looking at. Does it go out like that?
  15. Sooo funny! Thanks for sharing pics!