Chronology of an addiction

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  1. Two weeks ago, I would have thought you all were crazy, but now...

    13 days ago, I saw a woman in the NYC subway with a really cool brown bag. Really cool. I asked her who the designer is and said she didn't know but that she got it on e-bay.

    12 days ago, I went to e-bay to look for the bag. After an hour or two, I found it, and the world of Balenciaga was opened to me.

    10 days ago I still couldn't get that bag out of my head, and spent about 5 hours doing bag research. I went to all the sites (found this one), learned about all the bags and decided to get a fake, but a good fake. Started negotiations with several sellers, looking to spend about $250.

    7 days ago I was walking down the street, and passed a woman carrying a small bag just as she stepped into a shaft of sunlight. Her bag started GLOWING on her arm. It was GORGEOUS. It was a dark olive color, and it clearly was the real deal. I was so stunned by its beauty, I was tongue-tied and didn't think to ask her about it.

    5 days ago, after tons more research (I'd say 10 hours), including looking at all the photos on this fabulous site, I narrowed it down to what I thought was the right bag in the right color - the '05 dark olive First. So sophisticated! So gorgeous!

    3 days ago, I was back in negotiations with the "mirror replica" seller. This person kept sending me pictures of bags. They looked okay, but the color wasn't right. More pictures, more back and forth. I wanted exact measurements -- they weren't quite right either.

    2 days ago I begrudgingly decided to buy an "olive First" from this seller. But I was also cooking for Thanksgiving (I was hosting my family this year!) and decided to put off the purchase until today.

    This morning I received an e-mail from the seller plus a final picture. I was ready to buy. But a little voice inside me said "Girlfriend (that's how my inner voice talks to me), you live just two miles from one of the best Balenciaga stores in the country. There are girls out there who are buying these bags who would kill to be able to hop on a subway and be in the store in 20 minutes. GO TO THE STORE AND LOOK AT THE COLORS!" So I listened to my little inner voice and, with a sink still full of dirty dishes from yesterday's feast, off I went...

    And this evening, as of 6:15pm, I became the proud and happy owner of my first real Balenciaga bag. IT'S GORGEOUS!!!! :yahoo: It's a lovely little First in Marron. It's beautiful, so beautiful. It was agonizing choosing a color. Kim was the person who helped me. I loved the Oxblood, but it seemed a little conservative for me. I was debating the Cement, too, which was great, but I think I'll get more wear out of the Marron. It's supposed to be an olive brown, but in certain lights it's kind of purpley. I'm in love. I'd post a picture but I don't have a digital camera. It's a work of art, it really is. Faux? I can't believe I was even considering it! Shame on me!!!!! But, honestly, I didn't know what this was all about until I went to the store.

    While I was tere, Kim brought me out an 05 Hobo in the Dark Olive, so now it's confirmed, and I'll be looking for a pre-loved 05 First in Dark Olive now. And I think a Blueberry City eventually will round out my b-bag options.
  2. Congratulations on your 1st Bal Bag!! The first purchase is always the best!! My first Bal bag purchase was in2002 when I walked into the Barneys NY handbag dept. I fell in love!! It was the caramel classique motorcycle Bal bag! I never even heard of Balenciaga before, but I knew that I had to have this bag! I never regretted that first Bal bag purchase, and have since added to my collection! I know you will too!! Again, Congrats on your new purchase, it will give you years of enjoyment!!
  3. Aww, highgloss, that's a very sweet story! Welcome, and thanks for sharing it!
  4. It's all downhill from here! Your closet will never be the same...
  5. Awwww what a great story! so glad to hear you love your first purchase.
    They still have an 05 Hobo at BalNY? or was it Kim's own?
  6. Thanks, girls!

    I am over the moon with this bag...

    I can see why many of you have several colors in each style -- each really has its own personality.

    I feel so lucky. Truly this has been a week for thanksgiving!
  7. Slinks,

    It wasn't Kim's own. It was valid stock -- a gorgeous dark olive hobo. I'm assuming it's an 05 because that was the season for that color. You can call her though.

  8. WELCOME!!!!!!!! I love reading the story!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!!
  9. haha your story was awesome!! how quickly we get sucked in. i have a few friends with b-bags and 3 months ago i was thinking 'gosh how insane is $1k for a bag..i mean come on girls..' (nevermind that i own several LV's which were all under $1k but not by that much!)...

    fast forward to a visit to a b-bag retailer locally about 2 months ago, with some friends. touched the leather. i was a GONER. in love with the blue india day...i thought oh my god my husband is going to kill me if i say i want a $1000 bag. hmm well its actually $995. :graucho:

    it took me a little while and some intense negotations, but he got it for me for xmas and it's wrapped up tight...and i am already thinking about my spring purchase. or two. :shame:

    congrats on coming over to the beautiful dark smooshy side. please post pictures if you are eventually able!
  10. There's nothing like the real thing baby!

    Congrats getting your 1st. :yahoo: May you have many more to come!
  11. What a great story! I love the chronology and your writing is so enjoyable to read!
    I love the description of the "glowing" Balenciaga bag. Very apt...and the reason why fakes will never hold a remnant of a candle to the real thing.
    Welcome to the wonderful candy-coloured world of Balenciaga:wlae:
  12. I love your story. So glad you listened to your "little voice" and bought a beautiful authentic bag. I'm betting it won't be your last. Enjoy!
  13. What a nice story! Thanks for sharing. Congrats on your first bbag and welcome to the addiction!! :P
  14. Congrats and welcome! Look out for the potato chip effect with these...:graucho:
  15. Congrats congrats and welcome!! I've just told my hubby that my Bbag wish list is getting longer and longer, and to stop his eyebrows from shooting thru the roof, I'm gonna sell off my LVs. Pewter is soooo right! It's an addiction!! :yes: