Chrome Hearts

  1. I was just wondering.. It seems that Chrome hearts has been out for a while, and i was wondering if you guys were familiar with that brand... I LOVE CHROME HEARTS!
    It seems like not a lot of people know about Chrome Hearts though. But what do you guys think? Is it too much? Too vulgar? Too cool?
  2. I'll be going to their store when I'm in NYC next month....I love looking at their jewelry and sunglasses. Did you happen to see all the press they got when Yankee Alex Rodriguez's wife wore the FU tank top to Yankee Stadium?
  3. I saw it on all the gossip sites! All the comments that were left made me feel so wrong to have a million of those shirts :shocked: But i love them, they're unique.. But it was a big NONO to wear to a baseball game
  4. my boyfriend loves chrome hearts, he has several pieces, including a wallet w/ chain & a necklace or 2. for his bday, i bought him chrome hearts sunglasses.
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  6. are there any websites where i can buy chrome hearts online?
  7. Hello, In my name NOLA stand for where I am. New Orleans Louisiana USA. I was in Tokyo 20 years. CH Richard is old old old friend. I am living ina very very Hot place (Atzuii - hontoni!).
    And I have moved on to a New style of clothing. I have a bunch of stuff I have collected from CH over the years - direct from Richard. Anyone with interest can write me.

    My address is on my contact page (There is a Nihongo page there also). But please write in English. lol... I can send you photos of what I have. Just look up - Curtis Knapp Photographer online. That is me.

    I thought offering before I do the eBay thing.....
    Best to all. CK
  8. Yes I have a Portrait of Richard Stark - CH owner on that website of mine.

    Thanks, NOLACGK
  9. I have several pieces of Chrome Hearts. I love that line of jewelry, it's nice and heavy, and the designs are so unusual. But the best part is you won't see yourself coming and going, this line is not overexposed.

    They don't sell online, and it can be hard to see what they have, unless you go to a boutique. I have had an SA from the Las Vegas store email me pictures when I inquired about a certain piece.

    I have bought from Bergdorf's in NYC (they have small selection of CH there, including the clothes and bags), The CH boutique in Las Vegas, they have a ton of stuff, and the NYC store too. Also Hirshleifers in Long Island, has a small selection. I think part of what I love about this line is that it's not everywhere. Give me a few days, and I'll take a picture of my CH collection. :yes:
  10. ^ I can't wait to see!
  11. Anyone know if the NYC boutique in Bergdorf Goodman sells CH clothing or only jewelry?
    Going there in August and apparently the flagship boutique off E 64th is closed for reno's and the store off Madison is an optical boutique...
    Already have CH eyewear and really wanting some shirts :sad:
  12. Sorry I cannot answer your question but I love Chrome Hearts! Very cool.
  13. Hi! Can anyone help with authenticating this chrome hearts necklace please?
    I've tried the authentication thread previously for another ch item but did not manage to get any help. Any input is appreciated! :smile:
  14. Hello. Does anyone know if chrome hearts rust? I just store in its original jewelry bag, and to my surprise, I found it rusted one day! Bought it from an eBay seller. Could it be fake?! :sad: