Chrome Hearts J. J. Dean Handbag

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  1. Hi Everyone! HELP....Anybody knows who is J. J. Dean? I am looking for this Chrome Hearts Handbag, I called Berdorf Goodman but they said they don't have it. Weird....They suggested me find J.j. Dean on line but I had no luck.
    J.J. Dean.jpg
  2. Now that's says right on their site to call the store directly for information on how to order.

    I ran a search as well and came up with nothing.

    Maybe call NM...they are sister stores, aren't they?
  3. Thanks Bjara! I had a friend who is working in NM in handbag dept. She has no clues either.
  4. I'm checking out Google... if you do find it, please post, that's a killer bag!
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