Christy's "Starter" collection...

  1. Here is my collection so far...there will be more to come...

    The entire collection

    Small purses


    Big purses

    Evening bags

    Waiting for my Chloe to arrive...

  2. My first Chloe has arrived!! I used it and it was there are spots on the top...Ughhh.... i'm soo mad!!!



  3. WOW! :nuts: AMAZING collection!
  4. i luv your pink burberrys!!
  5. Wow!!! beautiful collection. Love your Chanel :love:. Thank you for sharing.
  6. Wow!
  7. :heart: pink Burberry!
  8. I can't believe this is your "starter" collection, its a great start. Your bags are beautiful. Congrats on the new Chloe!
  9. I really like your gucci!
  10. Thanks, All. I started the collection 2 yrs ago, but I stopped for awhile due to school. Now... I'm collecting average 2 purses/wallet a month. Thanks to this forum, I found a really good deal on my Chloe!
  11. Fabulous "starter" collection! Congrats on the new bag.
  12. Love all of the Gucci's and Chanel's!!!
  13. what a gorgeous collection. really like all the variety.
  14. Very nice collection- LOVE the Chanels!
  15. :tup: absolutely gorgeous, the chloe...oh goodness, the leather looks so pretty, i almost want to touch the screen