Christy Owners - Help!

  1. My boyfriend thought he would surprise me and clean my purses with the new Apple leather conditioner we bought over the weekend. It was such a sweet gesture but unfortunately he doesn't remember how to get the Christy's strap back on correctly. :push: He thinks he's figured it out but I'm not convinced. Can someone please provide me with photos so we can attach it properly? Thanks so much!! :flowers:
  2. That's just so sweet that it's funny... If you ever feel like leaving that wonderful bf of yours, could you send him my way? LOL...

    I'll look up some pics for you....
  3. Hmmmm.. I can't find any pics that are of the strap... here is what I found(some are borrowed from SuLi):
    PAAAAAEBADJIDCEC_c.jpg AuspientImaging.aspx.jpg Picture 273.jpg Picture 274.jpg
  4. Thanks Thithi!!! :heart: These pictures look like they could work. I'll show them to my boyfriend tonight and let you know what happens.

    --Oh and I don't plan on leaving him anytime soon (he's just too cute and thoughtful!) but if I change my mind you'll be the first to know. ;)--
  5. Wow Melly, he's so sweet; he buys you bags and he cleans them, def a keeper - perhaps you could hire him out?
  6. I can't help you with this one Melly, but did want to say how cute the story is. He's a keeper!
  7. Melly you had better keep him!!:supacool:
  8. Did you manage to get the strap back on???

    If not, let me know...I'll take a closer look at mine tonight.