Christy clutch

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  1. Hey ladies……..the Christy has taken my eye and it looks so pretty in the mushroom metallic.

    What are we thinking about it?

    Any reveals anyone?

    Would love to hear people's opinions…….:smile:
  2. It looks a bit too small for me but after dismissing the Primrose and then being given it for Xmas, and loving it, I have to see it in real life to make a decision. Similarly with the medium Lily, online it looks boring but 'in the flesh' I loved it immediately.
  3. Moo,has already revealed here ..check out the ref library
  4. I've got the metallic mushroom Lily and its gorgeous.
  5. Saw it in JL ths week, it's very pretty indeed! Actually so was the ballet link ( poss up your street too Dotty) but delicate. Metallic is always a huge hit with a few & never regretted my metallics but its pretty expensive IMO for a cute clutch x
  6. I love the metallic mushroom. I bet it's stunning in real life. Pictures never seem to do the bags any justice on the Mulberry website.
  7. What's the ballet link?

    I love the metallics…..might be a good one for the sale :graucho:

  8. TBH I don't think any of the pics on the M.Com site do any of them any justice. Most of the time it's reveals here that sell their bags!! :smile:

  9. Ohhhh I bet it looks gorgeous :smile:
  10. I think that was probably meant to say 'ballet pink'!
  11. :tup::tup::giggles:
  12. Heehee :lol::lol::lol: