Christopher Kane for Topshop shoes

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  1. I love all of them but am worried about sizing as Topshop shoes are usually one size too small for me (but it depends on model). Does anyone here have these? If you could possibly measure the insole for me on sizes UK 5/6 or US 8/9 that would help tremendously!

    Also how are those towering heels to walk in even with the platfrom:biggrin:?


    Pic from here
  2. Anyone? I´m desperate:sweatdrop:
  3. No more high heels for me!
  4. Oh no, what do you mean??
  5. Agh I must have pressed shift of something, I wrote a lot more! No more high heels in the sense that I have soooo many pairs and it´s insane to crave these. Not that they are hot, and I hear they are comfy too!
  6. I have both of the top grommet pairs and they do run to size. They are very comfy for being seriously high!!!