Christopher Kane Dresses?

  1. Anyone know where one can buy his dresses. I love them and have searched for them everywhere. Thanks Much for your assistance.:tup:
  2. Thanks. I'm more or less interested in a store (other than eBay) where I'd have a arger selection. I appreciate it
  3. i think they're usually made to order, try contacting brown's in london, they should be able to help ( )
  4. Oh I saw his runway pictures on and I love his dresses! They're cute yet sexy!
  5. yep, Browns has a nice selection at the start of each season (i think they were an exclusive seller of his designs for a while), so email them and they can help. Good luck, I love these dresses
  6. You have no idea how much help you've been. Thanks a bunch.
  7. Elle boutique in Perth, Australia also sells his designs