Christmas wishes time

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  1. I know some of you - the lucky ones - are going to find Mulberry bags under the tree this Christmas.
    My lovely DH wouldn't know one end of the Mulberry bag to the other (so there won't be one for me under my tree!) but if he did, I'd be hoping for a red Mabel or a vanilla & oak Emmy.
    What are you wishing for this Christmas?
  2. Anything I can lay my hands on !!

    Actually I would love to have a Marc jacobs stam bag!!

    As well as any from Mulberry spring summer, pink mabel would be great.
  3. Not to get any earache when I open the Babington that Andy does'nt know about........................................
    If it was humanly possible to get away with another,I would be so torn!!! Baby pink Bayswater,or black,oak,green,indigo then theres all the other styles to go at,Phoebe,Annie,Hanover,Rivington,Knightsbridge........................

    I think I am going to have the hardest time EVER restraining myself on the Mulberry meet,with so many other people about I am bound to get really giddy and bankrupt Andy!!!!
  4. I'll finally get to use my ivy bayswater!!!!:yahoo:

  5. Bet it'll be worth the wait!
  6. certainly will! :dothewave::dothewave::dothewave:
  7. YEY!!! Roll on Christmas!!! Bet you can't wait,I can so see the Bayswater on you!!!Fab!!XXXXXXXXXXXX

  8. OOOOoooooooooooooooooooo if I keep quoting we'll get a full page of mexican waves!!!!!

  9. Hahahahahahaha!!! Ok I'll stop now
  10. Chaz - when are you going to tell Andy about the babington?
  11. I suggest after s**! Always works in this house.......
  12. Eerrrrr,Christmas day? When his folks are round and he can't b****ck me in front of them!!!! He has just treated himself to a posh i-pod thingy for £250 as an xmas prezzie to himself so I'm working on persuading him to treat himself to something else and then we'll be quits!!! Or is that a bit calculating!!!!?????????

  13. Hahahaha!!! Thats how I got the Elgin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I've changed my mind - my Christmas wish has to be Agyness in either mushroom or gunmetal.
    I'm pleased to see Mulberry is making more of the Soho even if coral ostrich isn't exactly what I'd want to carry!
  15. I think a red mabel would be such a great christmas gift! Anyone want to get me one!!!!?