Christmas Wishes our Gucci Forum

  1. :yahoo:Merry Christmas to my home forum GUCCI:yahoo:

    I'm sure the others will agree with me that beejerry, kavnadoo, designermummy, emald37 and all others participating in the Authenticate This thread have worked HOURS helping us shop on line. Thank you thank you thank you.

    Also I wanted to thank gucci lover who spent, without a joke, at least 1 hour online with me the other week (on the other side of the world mind you) helping me post pics of my sale purchases... what an angel...:angel:

    Merry Christmas to my favourite forum:love: You have all encouraged my unnatural shopping addiction and spending habits as well as brought out the monogram lover in me I never knew I had!!... Here is to another year of gucci dreams, gucci talk and gucci sales...

    Let's all wish eachother :heart:
  2. Coco, you have echoed my sentiments. Thank you all for your help, and I wish each and every one of you a safe and happy holiday season. I'm new but I feel like family already!

    Best Wishes!
  3. awww happy holidays all! gucci wishes to all and to all a good night~~!
  4. aaaaw guys...this is making me tear up!!! :tender:

    coco...thank you for starting this thread full of love and appreciation.

    I love the gucci forum because everyone here has been so nice, supportive, and very sweet to all of us new members. Thank you all very much and wishing each and everyone a Blessed Christmas and another year full of wonderful sales and handbags!!! :drinkup:
  5. Holiday greetings from me to the gucci family tooo!!!

    This is my favorite forum as well... and just like [coco] stated, beejerry, kavnadoo, designermummy, emald37 are the best at what they do!! You guys totally rock :rochard:

    I have only been active on the forums since september and it feels like home here. Everyone is super nice and sweet. I really enjoy reading all the threads and meeting new gucci members. i especially love looking at the pics. Keep them coming. I have exchanged some really nice PM's with some of you here and you guys are the best.

    As i may venture off to other forums and purchase other brands, Gucci will always have my :heart: *tear

    [coco] you are so very welcome... We all have to start somewhere. Thank you for staring this thread, we can all spread the love here.

    Everyone have a very happy Gucci holiday!!!
  6. best wishes to everyone...I come to visit here at Gucci and everyone is always so helpful....

    :p And Gucci addicts :love:

    Happy Holidays to everyone and wear your Gucci (and other designer purses) with good health and happiness!

  8. Also have to add...

    Peppy and Mssmelanie!

    They have been so helpful and sweet!


  9. I was going to type my reply in the boring Verdana font but not wanting to be outdone by you other ladies, I think I'll put some effort (i.e. colour and different fonts into this). ;)

    So here goes...

    Thanks Coco, you're really sweet. This is a great thread, and I second what Beejerry said about mssmelanie and peppy.

    I love the Gucci forum, everyone is so nice here. I've met some really really nice and sweet people (yes kneehighz you're included :p or did I meet you in the Fendi forum? :sweatdrop:).

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  10. aaww thanks girls!! HOORRRAAYYYYY for Gucci !! I love it here...
  11. coco - that is so sweet. This is a great place to be and would love to wish everyone Happy Holidays!

    beejerry - thanks for the shout out!
  12. I know I am new and don't know anyone yet but I wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas.
  13. What a wonderful thread, Coco!

    This forum is also my favorite and I love all the great Gucci lovers I've met here!

    Happy Holidays to everyone! :heart:
  14. Happy Holidays to all the Gucci lovers out there!!!

    I hope everyone gets to unwrap something great this month =)
  15. I love reading all the Gucci threads too...thanks everyone and happy holidays!