Christmas weight loss challenge.....

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  1. I have to say it's so hard to loss weight and be committed all the way but now i totally need to straight up. I have trouble of being motivated i mean i can be motivated for a month or so and i lose that focus and i start to go back to the same habit and gain weight again. Suck but its true its hard to loss each and every lb. but easily can be gain.

    Well now i'm picking up the slack to lose the 20 lbs. that was gain within a matter of one month not healthy for sure. My activity level was athletic to a coach potato. Sad to say I'm not over weight or anything I just don't want to go back being bulimia which i know i will and i have to prevent those episode( I'm trying to) and i avoid mirror most of the time but now i just can't help it wen i see my self everyday at work in from of the mirror it makes me sick.

    Starting date: oct 1
    Starting Weight : 115 lbs

    Finish date: Dec 15
    Goal Weight : 95- 100 lbs
  2. Hello! What is your height? From the sound of your weight, it seems pretty low and you probably really do not need to get down to below 100lbs.
  3. I know i dont need to but being small and all its very noticeable i mean very noticeable. One day it will be i look skinny and the next month looked like i gain 10-15 pound i mean i hate being tiny cause gaining is very noticeable especially on the area where its hard to lose weight
  4. looks like you are very tiny. Going below 100 lbs is low. How tall are you?
  5. You may need some counseling. I'm not trying to criticize you at all, but your posts suggest you have an eating disorder.

    I would throw the scale out and focus on fueling your body with healthy food. Stay away from all processed food. Eat protein, fruits, veggies, and healthy fats (nuts, legumes, olive oil, coconut oil,avocado). If you focus on health, your body weight will adjust to YOUR most healthy weight. The scale is just a number. Anyone can reach a number on the scale, but what is most important is body composition. You can easily become a skinny fat(skinny in clothes but no muscle tone) from yo-yo dieting.
  6. yes i do have a eating disorder and diagnose with bulimia. I want to keep health and also to be able not to put my finger dont my throat and its hard cuz i been to a counseling its a hard disorder to just heal in matter of months .
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    :hugs:I have a friend that struggles with bulimia. It has caused problems in all areas of her life.:sad:

    You look so young- and you are beautiful!!!