Christmas Traditions

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  1. Our family gather and celebrate on the eve of Christmas. We prepare a Noche Buena feast and you''ll normally see Queso de Bola, glazed ham or lechon de leche (roasted pig), native desserts.. etc. You won't always see Christmas trees. Instead, we hang colorful Christmas lanterns and kids would go house to house caroling. And you'll actually hear Christmas songs as early as SEPTEMBER hehehehe. I have no clue why.

    care to share your Christmas traditions?....
  2. We do both Hannukah and Xmas in our house....!!...I have one child that is jewish and another from a previous marriage that celebrates we are VERY busy in december..LMAO!
    But they love it too because they both get double the presents and lots of time to see relatives they never get to see except during the holidays.This year ..we are going to spend Xmas at my Moms in Hilton Head,SC.
  3. oooohhhh, i love lechon but it's sooo expensive here in canada. I have a few lanterns inside our house (because it's too cold to put it outside:smile: )my mom bought for me from the Philippines.

    As for traditions, my whole (extended) family comes over Christmas eve and celebrate it the traditional Filipino way (mass at night, then Christmas dinner till it's time to open presents at midnight- it's really chaotic, lots of people, tons of food -but so much fun) then on Christmas day, it's just a quiet day with my husband and kids at home, open presents from Santa, eat leftovers the whole day :smile: and watch Christmas movies...

  4. Yeah there's a couple of restaurants here who sell lechon... It'll cost you an arm and a leg. Plus you're like chewing on a shoe :upsidedown: But I still order a small one for Christmas. how silly is that.
  5. Is lechon pig?

  6. Hehehehe it's whole roasted pig. Have you gone to a luau? Instead of covering it in banana leaves, it's cooked over charcoal.
  7. ^LOL..I wouldnt know..hee.hee.No pork allowed in this jewish household( I kinda miss it a tad though...LOL!)
  8. Haha, Jill, every Christmas Eve, my mom serves a honey baked ham.

    (I keep joking that if I meet and marry a Jewish guy, I'll still eat the ham, but I'll brush my teeth after eating it before I kiss him!)

    We usually go to Mass (but for the past couple of times, my work has interfered with Christmas Mass. I'm sorry for missing it, because I like Christmas Mass.)

    After Mass, we do the ham as well as hors d' oevers (sp?).

    We do this sitting around the fire in our living room.

    Everything is served on our dining room table and it's done buffet style so we eat around the fire.

    The next morning, my brother and I look at our stockings, but we don't touch the presents 'till everyone is ready. Then we take presents from under the tree in groups of four. We take turns and go around the room, reading the gift tag and open the present.

    (The first couple rounds we do full-on hugs. After that, we wave at each other from across the room.)

    We usually have roast beef for Christmas dinner (at our dining room table) and my dad and I make a Christmas pudding and custard for dessert.

    And then before bed, I have an eggnog mixed with bourbon.
  9. Every Christmas Eve we have family friends over and have the same dinner- Filet Mignon, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Grilled Vegetables, (and some other stuff that I forget), wine, and lemon tarts and coffee for dessert, because it was the dinner that my dad made my mother on their first Christmas Eve together (in like 1984 or 85?) and we've had the same thing since. Then, we watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (although we may switch over to Bad Santa soon) with our friends, exchange gifts with the family friends, open one or two from aunts or uncles that they sent, and go to bed. The next morning, we open all of our gifts, have Eggs Benedict with hollandaise (sp?), and then mess with our presents all day. For dinner, we do a switcharoo and go to our friend's house, look at everyone's new gifts, have dinner and then Kahlua coffees and lemoncello.

    It's fuuuuuun
  10. Xmas morning entails unwrapping of gifts. I take the pictures. I always spend it with my SO's family. After that, breakfast. While breakfast is being made, I bake cookies and scones and all the nice stuff. Make some hot chocolate. The night before is when every single person in the family gives me gifts to wrap (except for their gift to me). I am the ultimate gift wrapper. :yes:
  11. Every year at Christmas Eve, we have our Christmas tree lit up all day long. We have our family dinner (which consists of baked turkey and Christmas ham). And for dessert, we eat Christmas cake (my Mother's favourite), and Christmas cookies. And of course, we try not to open any presents until the following morning. :smile:
    And during the Christmas season, we always love to watch the old Christmas classics: eg, the 1951 version of "A Christmas Carol", Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, Charlie Brown, etc...
    We love Christmas! :heart:
  12. When our (Exceptionally Intelligent and Advanced) godson was born, Mr Puff and I decided that every year, we would give him at least one book. It might not be a book he would immediately appreciate, but we figured, even if he never becomes a literature nut or a voracious reader, maybe when he grows up, if he decides to raise a child, that child might be - either way, he will have at least the beginnings of a nice little personal library.

    So of course we did all the basic kid classics, Grimm and Anderson, etc, but also reference books, last year for instance, included a big ol encyclopedia of about 500 or so tribes of indigenous people of the Americas, a book about different religions, and whichever one of the Harry Potter books he was about to need at the time - like millions of children, he was devouring those, and we had to keep current on which one he was on, so we could make arrangements with Amazon to insure that the next one would be there waiting. :smile:

    We are even poorer than usual this year, thanks to my "health challenges," so he will only get a couple, one of which will be Roget's Thesaurus.

    Anyway, in case anyone has new little family members, it's a cool tradition to start, not very expensive, but will be an accumulating gift that will be, in its own way, priceless. ;)
  13. We always open presents Christmas Day, not Christmas Eve...oh, so hard to wait! We have an incredible family dinner Christmas night, which is usually an amazing roast (carved by Dad, of course) and Mom's famous Oyster Stuffing. (even non-oyster lovers like it!).
  14. When I was little my family would do the feast of fish on Christmas Eve. Now that my family is scattered all over the place, my Mom, her SO & his family and me & my sister go out to dinner. When we get home (my sister & I will sleep over her house on Xmas eve) from dinner my Mom let's us each open one present-always Christmas PJs for us to wear that night! It's a new tradition, but I love it!

    Our old tradition when I use to live in Roseland, NJ, which was always my favorite was Luminaria. It's a Mexican Christmas tradition. Luminaria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia You line your property with white bags filled with sand and candles. At a certain time on Christmas Eve, everyone in the neighborhood lights their candles. It's sooo pretty looking. All of our neighbors would go outside & everyone would walk around the block looking at everyone's candles and just chatting and saying "Merry Christmas." Afterwards, we'd go inside & have coffee/hot cocoa.
  15. There was a scene in Bad Santa where they did the paper bag / sand / candle thing. I didn't know it had a name, though.

    In the movie, it was done because all the houses in the neighborhood were doing it.

    (The neighborhood was set in Arizona.)