christmas time!!

  1. ok so christmas time is coming up and i was talking to my mom today and she told me i should ask for a new handbag but not to ask for anything over $500 (i am surprised she suggested this because my mom isn't obsessed with handbags like i am). Anyway, I already have a RM MA and i was considering getting a matinee, but i missed the sale. Now i am not sure what to get. I have been thinking about a LV damier azur speedy 30 which is $620 so i could just add my own $120 and get it, but i am not completely in love with it and i want something i am head over heels about. any suggestions? i love satchels over hobos but i will consider anything. thanks guys!!! i trust you experts out there :heart:
  2. so far i like this one....its marc by marc jacobs and is $458..thoughts?
    marcj2008111739_prod_zoom_back_thumbnail.jpg marcj2008111739_prod_zoom_front.jpg
  3. that's cute!
  4. I say, stay away from anything you're not totally in love with....if you can't find anything you are dying for, maybe you can ask for a gift card (Nordstrom, NM, Saks, whatever) so you can find THE bag....? I do like the MbMJ though, esp. the color.
  5. i second the "stay way from bags you don't completely love." the thing with bags as gifts is that i feel guilty if i don't use it every once in a while (because of the sentimental attachment) but sometimes it's kind of annoying to have to use a bag i'm not head over heels in love with
  6. There are so many great bags out there. What size, color, shape are you looking for?
  7. I'd go for a MBYMJ bag....they have really nice leather.
  8. hmm yeah i am thinking i am gonna scope out M by MJ when i go to NYC on black friday...i really just want a satchel that is large..i don't do small bags. i think i want a matinee even though i have an RM already. i can't stop thinking about one!! there is a brown one for sale on Shopbop but i won't be surprised if that sells out quickly...any other suggestions on satchels under 500?? thanks for the responses guys by the way :smile:
  9. Very good advice.