Christmas thought

  1. May sound extremeley mushy,but I thought it may be nice to set aside ten minutes on the lunacy that is called Christmas day,to wish each other a Merry Christmas,Happy New Year and Happy New Mulberry's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If not in person, I think on here is the very best next thing!!! Don't know what you all have planned,but I have a family do with some jet propelled kids,deaf in-laws and probably a knakered and cranky Sophie at some point!!!!So the excuse to take 10 minutes out share a little bit of Christmas with all of you sounds very appealing!!x
  2. If i`m sober enough to remember-sounds great.:tup:
  3. I will be signing on, to see if the Mulberry sale starts???
    I will remember to say "Hi"
    I will be cooking for 8.
    I really would have loved to go to Center Parcs for Xmas(we did this 2 yrs ago and it was great) but I've had a lot of pressure from various parents to see the "grandkids" so they are all coming to me...
    Tara, I will be drinking by 9am!!!
  4. Well, I'll be logging on to at 7am again to see what goodies are in the sale :yes:

    I will also check in with my buddies on tPF :yes:
  5. I think if all else fails we could all go round Rach's and get far too drunk in her fab kitchen,that fridge looks like it could hold a fair amount of wine!!LOL!!!xx

  6. great idea!!!!:yahoo:
  7. I'll try. We may be in France but hopefully will be around and sober enough to find out what fab Mulberries were under the tree for you all!
  8. You English ladies are sooooo funny!!! I will be somewhere in hot old Texas and with the time diiference there will nothing left on sale!!!! I have got to plan a trip to England just to get some of the humor in person!! Merry early Christmas and hopefully the next year will be better for the world!
  9. Hello Kroquet!! saw your posts on the purse blog while TPF was down,tried to reply but kept getting shut out cos of a spam thing,but if you read this I'm looking forward to see-ing your newbie! Chaz xxxxxxxxxxxx
  10. Oh and hopefully I will be able to get bloody smashed on Christmas Day and Andy drive for a change,not likely though,and I can't force him either as he's loads bigger than me!!!!! So I probably will sign in for a bit of company while he sleeps it off on the sofa(I'll leave him there so he wakes up a 2am freezing, that will be my revenge)
  11. I won't be able to get near the computer , so I will be wishing everybody happy xmas a week before !! Got everybody coming round ,starting the wine collection now .
  12. dont know where i'll be on xmas day yet (depends if I have moved house properly, its due for this friday, fingers and toes crossed!!) I would however have made a date with the mulberry website for the start of the sale - that is ifI could ever get stupid flash player (or whatever it is) to work on this damm computer!!

  13. OOOOOOO, good Luck with the house move!!! Andy and myself are off to look at two houses today,funds are almost sorted,so by the time the paperwork starts moving about we should be ok,and then moving soon!! I am sat here really excited,but I know once it all gets underway and I 've fallen for a house,anything could go wrong............................that bit I'm dreading!!!!! So hope yours is as trouble free as humanly possible!!! And you are in for your first christmas and settled and have a wonderful time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Thanks Chaz! We have had many ups and downs with this move, so im just hoping it will go ok on friday. Ive been waithing 13 weeks now and just want to get in before xmas!
  15. Oh God I really,really feel for you! 13 weeks! What a major pain in the ass!!!! We have decided to put an offer in on a house today,and now we are going to start the rollercoaster ride,its a bloody stressful nightmare,I remember it well from when we bought the house we are in now,something seemed to go wrong every single damn day,it was'nt as long as yours and I ended up screaming down the fone at the solicitor,she admitted towards the end 'what do you want me to do when I only work part-time' she did'nt tell me that to start with. After 10 weeks off faffing about I totally lost it! She hung up on me so I called her office reception desk and told the secretary that if she did'nt take my call,I would come in person and have it out with her!!! Turns out she was supposed to contact my ex's solicitors about some cash that needed to be paid as the mortgage we had together had a penalty clause as it was stopped before re-newal date,before they would go any further and would not release funds to me until it was paid.I found out she had known for six weeks and not told me this was the problem that was stopping anything going ahead.

    The worst part was I had moved out of my ex's house was staying with freinds here and there and had my life in the boot of my car!!! For six weeks longer than I needed too.I let her have it!!! I have never been so stressed and livid in my entire life!!!
    And she even sent me a questionaire on the service after! F******G C**P!!!! were among a few of the remarks I made!

    So I'm glad yours is nearly over,I bet its been awful for you,and women always seem to get more stressed by it than blokes for some reason!!! I hope the rest is smooth and quick!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx