Christmas Snooping

  1. So thank god my boyfriend has no spine cause I finally found out what I'm getting...I think.

    His mom works at Coach and absolutely loves me so she's always getting me little trinkets and after bugging him enough he told me him and his mom are gettingm me the same exact bag but different colors. He told me after her discount (which is about half) that she spent around $80...meaning the bag itself is around $160. So after hardcore website searching I think I've established that it's the Carly Signature Top Handle Pouch...he said one in brown and one in black....


    Haha if anyone else knows any other bags around that price let me know!
  2. And of course feel free to tell about your findings :graucho:
  3. The baby carly is geat, just so you know, and the small ergo hobo is $198, if that's any help...
  4. I have wanted the carly for a bit now. and i absolutely looove ergo's. i need to stop trying to figure this out, i'm getting stressed out trying to figure what it will be! haha
  5. The baby carly would be awesome! I've considered it for PCE! I found out that my dh is getting me the top handle pouch in the bronze signature stripe and matching mini skinny! He had to give it away when he found out I was planning on that for my PCE purchase! I still can't open it until Christmas though!
  6. I thought this thread said Christmas shopping!

    Snooping... interesting! lol

    I've done it though not in recent years.
  7. baby carly is the cutest....