Christmas shopping-early bird or procrastinator?

  1. It's October already! Yikes! :shocked: I have to admit I'm a total procrastinator. I usually find myself still wandering aimlessly in the mall on Christmas eve trying to figure out what presents to get. Most of my friends/relatives who live out of town don't get their presents until after Christmas. Meanwhile I have a best friend who buys her presents in July and sends them to us in Nov! Every year I tell myself to shop early yet every year, I'm up at 2 AM on Christmas day still wrapping presents :rolleyes: :shame: . Am I horrible or what?

    So am I the only one?
  2. I'm done for the most part. Most of the time I'm scrambling, but my SAs keep giving me freebies so I have more than enough freebies to go around.
  3. I like to get my shopping done early, but half the fun of Christmas is gift giving and getting into the spirit. So i like to do it somewhere in the middle (usually Nov.)
  4. :shame: I do mine around thanksgiving..
  5. I do mine around thanksgiving as well. I get a lot done on black Friday every year b/c I get good deals every year on black Fridays.
  6. I shop all year for presents ... but love shopping during the holidays (ie after Christmas)....
  7. I am done for the most part...I shop a bit during my travels, wrap the gifts in holiday paper, and send them out with a "Merry Early Christmas!" note...
  8. I usually start Christmas shopping between the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. I love shopping for Christmas gifts for everyone.
  9. I now try to get it all done in early December so I can have time to just walk around the city and enjoy the decor, carols, etc.

    BUT I used to do it all in one swoop on the 21st or 22nd. Bad idea. :Push: :sweatdrop:
  10. I love Christmas shopping!! though I have to admit I'm a bit on the procastinator side when it comes to it.
  11. I don't always buy gifts early, but I start thinking about them WAAAY in advance. And that goes for pretty much anything, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries. So right now, I already have a list of the names I will need to shop for with some ideas penciled in. I don't like buying things too early because I don't want anyone to not be able to return things. And at least for the holidays I loooove wrapping presents and making different bows to put on them all. Lol, our family friend hires me out to shop & wrap for her over the holidays and I love it. I think it is just really relaxing for me to wrap presents during such a crazy time.
  12. i plan what I want to buy, but I do not buy it yet... too many ppl to give gifts to so have to really plan it out.. also, there's tons of ppl having bdays in the new few months so bday gifts first, then xmas gifts..
  13. hmm....I don't buy a lot of gifts! :shame: Being a HS student means having a disposable budget roughly the same size as the tax most of you pay on monthly bag purchases :lol: . But I usually accumulate gifts during the year and really start buying about this time.
  14. I love Christmas! And I'm an early-bird Christmas shopper - I never like to leave it to the last minute. Usually, I like to start shopping around the last 2 weeks of November onwards.
  15. LOL I am alittle of both:smile: