Christmas sale at the Pearl Outlet

  1. Dear Valued Customer,
    Tomorrow, at 7am, we will be launching our annual Christmas sale with
    huge savings and many unique items you won't find anywhere else.
    We are in the process of designing that special page for you right
    now. We plan to email the link on Thursday the 6th of December at 7am
    PST (10am EST), which is tomorrow.
    You DO NOT want to miss this event. We are offering many NEW,
    exclusive items at or near cost. Here is a sample of some of the
    INCREDIBLE deals coming this Thursday morning:
    - HOT! 8mm Japanese Akoya Pearl Necklaces: Retail $4070 -- ONLY $510
    - INCREDIBLE Tahitian Pearl Bracelets for as low as $49 (Yes, these
    are REAL Tahitian pearls!)
    - HOT! Chocolate Pearl Earrings for as little as $38
    ...and dozens of other awesome items at incredible prices.
    You'll have to wait until Thursday morning to see what else we'll be
    Last time, as most of you know, many items sold out within the first
    hour of the email. So be sure to keep an eye out for Thursday's
    Customer-Only email. It will contain the special link to our Christmas
    blowout page.
    If you don't receive the link by 7am PST Thursday, we'll add it to the
    bottom of our homepage at that time.
    The only reason you are privy to this sale is because you are a loyal
    customer and/or email subscriber.!
    Warmest Regards,
    Terry Shepherd
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