Christmas Reveal!!!

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  1. I had a bunch of bags on my list this year when my parents asked me what I'd like; Louis, Gucci and Mulberry. None of the LV bags were available and Gucci was too much.

    They decided on Mulberry. Of all the bags I asked for, I didn think they'd actually but it for me, I snuck it onto the list as an "after thought". They went above ana beyond what I could've imagined. They had to fly it in from New York because apparently it was the last one in North America. I'm so in love with it I was breathless when I opened it. It's more than I ever dreamed of!
    I'm so grateful. We're going to go out and get a twilly together as a family because they wanted to pick one with me.

    I hope everyone else had as sentimental a day as I did. I'm still in shock.
  2. the bag is beautiful !! Congrats!! Enjoy it! :yahoo:
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  3. Thank you!!! I can't wait to bring it shopping for it's new twilly. It's exciting!
  4. Wow! That's stunning!
  5. very nice!! :tup:
    congrats and enjoy!
  6. Greetings to you all! 20181227_125713.jpg
    My Christmas reveals:
    Midnight Tenby in small classic grain - great for me as I have MS and can't manage a big bag anymore, so a small grab handle as well as a longer shoulder or cross-body to use when I need my walking stick!

    Also ,bought pre loved with Christmas funds, a midnight Roxette, again with handles and optional longer strap and no awkward fastenings!
    My Mulberry family is now 9 - different colours and styles. When I get a better day, I'll photo them altogether!
    Happy New Year to each one of you
  7. Lovely bags ladies.
  8. Thank you! I just got a new twilly from Dior for Christmas to attach to the handle!
    I can't wait to go back out with my new "Christmas Child".
  9. What a pretty bag!! Enjoy wearing her!