Christmas reveal: Neo Monceau!

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  1. I’m a shameless child of the 80s and color blocking is in my blood. Thus when I saw this girl, she just called to me, and I felt I had come home. Epi leather is my first love but it’s been years since I’ve found a truly functional, sleek and chic Epi bag that felt made for me, until now. Welcome home Neo Monceau. I’ve waited for you long enough.
    Beware: full on pic overload
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  2. It’s lightweight, got a comfortable and wide strap and an awesome separate pouch for my phone. Also the magnetic clasp has a lip for security and the top flap doesn’t strain from the weight of the bag because the leather is so stiff. Everything I could ask for. More pics. I know no one asked. :P Including a gratuitous family shot and WIMB.
    06CD09B3-6858-4FB9-84C8-2D1194648484.jpeg 4E982FCE-9EBA-4703-BD07-C198CBC640D1.jpeg

    Welcome to the family.
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  3. Absolutely gorgeous bag and I love your epi collection!
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  4. Thank you so much. I know Epi is not for everyone but I just love it.
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  5. This looks so good on you. I think you wear this bag much better than the model on the website. And your epi family is lovely. Congrats and enjoy :smile:
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  6. Thank you. What a sweet thing to say. I just looked at the model and she is definitely more put together and polished than me.
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  7. great addition to your epi collection -- congrats!!
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  8. Thank you so much. It’s been a long time since I have made a permanent addition.
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  9. Congrats! I really want the Emerald green version of this bag.
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  10. Thank you! The emerald green is so captivating. Hope you can snag it!
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  11. Congrats! I got this bag too! It’s tucked away until Christmas so I haven’t looked at it in over a month. Loved seeing all your pics.

    My favorites about this bag- it’s relatively understated (other than the color blocking, which I find a fun pop of color, it doesn’t scream LV), the wide soft strap, the “pull ring” on the clasp (I think will reduce wear on the tab considerably, versus the closure on say, the Dauphine), and yes, my iPhone plus size fits in the front pouch (with case)!

    I also got the full size Christmas animation Sarah wallet, which fits in too. Can’t wait to use them both!

    Oh- and extra plus- I took off the luggage tag since it kind of gets in the way of opening the flap.....and put it on my Monogram Speedy b 25. Love the yellow tag on my mono speedy!
  12. Completely get what you are saying. This is so 80s in the best possible way. Like if Ettore Sottsass was a bag.
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  13. pochette metis vibes with modern abstract flair
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  14. Congrats! The bag is absolutely gorgeous, and it fits right into the family. :tup:
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  15. OMG. Thank you. You get it. Exactly. LV brought it back the right way. This bag makes me so happy.
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