Christmas Question for parents

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  1. If you have children, do you leave cookies under your tree for Santa?

    Also, have you ever had your child ask why they seem to see so many variations of Santa during the holidays?:wtf:
  2. I always left cookies for Santa. And I told my kids that the Santas were all his helpers that he was busy at North Pole getting ready for Xmas. It is horrible when they find out the truth though.
  3. You tell the kids that all the Santas they see are just the helpers?
    They always seem to catch us off guard.
  4. We leave cookies and milk on the table for Santa before the kids go to bed. We also leave carrots on the porch for the reindeer.

    The kids haven't asked about the variations of Santa because we only take them to one mall. We tell them that when he isn't there, he is going to other malls to visit children. Otherwise, we tell them the truth that people dress up like Santa. But, of course, we only take them to see the "real deal"! :whistle:
  5. I still leave stuff out for Santa! Of course, now it's cookies and a glass of sherry (or port, or something.)

    You could also tell the child that since Santa's busy getting everyone's presents ready, he can't show up at every mall, so those Santas are the Real Santa's understudies.
  6. Yeah - we just tell them that Santa is really busy this time of year so sometimes grown-ups help him out. I think the thing is, kids WANT to believe so they buy it.
  7. Yes...we bake Christmas cookies for Santa and leave them out each year. This year My daughter suggested also leaving starbucks for him (as he'll need the caffeine!).
    The Santas at the mall are "helpers"....of course the real Santa is too busy to work at the malls!
  8. The past few years we have left cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas Eve and Santa always leaves my son a note thanking him and wishing him a merry christmas. This year, my son wants to leave carrots and water out for the reindeer too. :biggrin:

    As for all the Santas around-they are Santas helpers because the real Santa is too busy up at the North Pole getting ready.
  9. that's too cute about the reindeer!

    we never did when i was a kid, and i think it was because i always sort of had the idea that santa was just a clever ruse - like a character in a book or something. my parents didn't push it too hard.
  11. Santa is NOT on a diet at our house. We decorated cookies every year- and left gingerbread houses. We left carrots for the reindeer too Nishi!! And we left Milk- signs pointing to the fridge for more milk- etc! We went all out, and still do!!! :yes:
  12. Aww how cute Megs, and Nishii! My mom did the same thing! But damn, the truth hurts man! I found out when I was 9, and to be honest, I almost cried!
  13. Oh I forgot, my bro felt betrayed when he found out. He said he couldn't trust my parents, and then he was asking if he was really part of our family, or was he adopted! He was only 7 at the time, now he is 13, and he just laughs!
  14. Yes, the kids leave cookies....I need the sugar rush to keep me up all night wrapping gifts while DH is calling himself!
  15. We always left cookies, milk and carrots too, can't forget the reindeer!
    My mom would always leave like a half eaten cookie left on the plate or something, lol.