Christmas present???


Which one?

  1. Mini Lin Speedy in Ebene

  2. Black MC Alexandra wallet

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  1. So I get to choose from either the Mini Lin Speedy in Ebene or the black MC Alexandra wallet as a Christmas pressie! But I don't know what to choose! I used to have the Mini Lin but sold it since I thought that in comparison to the traditional canvas, it just wasn't worth the money (since I can't see it holding up as well over time), but I miss it so much and I want it back! But then I saw the Alexandra wallet at the store and fell in love! I don't have an LV wallet, either. So what to do: another bag or a wallet? (Both are about the same price!) Help please!
  2. p.s. - whichever I don't get now, I plan to get sometime next year! So it really is a question of which one first, hehe...
  3. i voted for the wallet! since you don't have one :smile:
  4. wallet :smile:

    i love the alexandra wallet :smile:
  5. wallet!:smile:
  6. Even though I LOVE my Mini Lin Speedy, I would normally vote for that. but since you do not have a wallet. You must get the wallet first.
  7. I love that picture of your dog with your 2 mini lin's! so cute!
  8. ^^^agree:tup:
  9. I say the Speedy !
  10. I voted speedy
  11. Mini Lin Ebene - it's what I'm getting for x'mas that I don't know about! :lol::angel:
  12. Sounds like you need your speedy back!!
  13. Speedy!
  14. Speedy! The mini lin speedy is so pretty !
  15. Is Ebene the black? If so I choose that one!

    If Ebene is the white (I can never get them straight) then I would go for the Black MC Wallet!