Christmas Present.

  1. O.K. ladies. I'm fairly new to this. I've done alot of reading, but not much posting. You guys are the only ones that I can share this exciting news with. I've been eyeing Chanel for some time now. I've been doing my research and dropping hints to the husband. Well, I think I'm getting one for Christmas. In fact I know I am. The secret is out. I'm so excited I can't wait to get it. I almost feel kind of guilty knowing how much money my husband spent. This will be my first Chanel. First of many, I hope! Thanks for listening. :yahoo:
  2. Yay for you! That certainly makes for a nice Christmas! Which bag is Santa going to bring you? :p
  3. ahhh an early Yay for you :biggrin:. What would your dream bag be? Hope its that one!

    welcome to the forum too :smile:
  4. Thanks. I'm getting the Medallion Tote. I think there might be a wallet coming too.
  5. Very nice choice! What a great gift!!
  6. Hi! :smile: Welcome to the Chanel forum!! :heart: Aww, that's so cute, and your husband is very sweet!! :girlsigh: Congrats on your first of many ;)... the Medallion tote is a fab choice... I bet you can't wait to open up that box hehe!! :nuts:
  7. Congrats! I have the medallion tote and it's my favorite. Definitely come back and post your pics here so we can oooh and aaahhh. Welcome!
  8. Congrats on your first Chanel....Wear it in good health...
  9. nice!! u have such a sweet husband! i cant wait to see the pics - please be sure to post modeling pics!! medallion is a fabulous bag!!!
  10. Yay for you! What a sweet husband! :smile:
  11. Xmas was when I got my first too!! And I cried - so special!! Congrats and enjoy !!
  12. Oh, that's so wonderful. Congratulations!

    My husband would never know which style to get me, not for lack of trying. :smile:
  13. Congrats on your first Chanel and having such a great hubby :smile:
  14. you are so lucky to have such a sweet husband
  15. congrats to ur nice x'mas present and sweet husband!!!