Christmas present to myself - LV Cherry Blossom


Dec 28, 2006
Yeah:yahoo: , the best Christmas present I ever received is a 5 piece Cherry Blossom accessories set that I bought for myself. I wish I can post some picture but I am new to this forum so I don't know how to.

I got a PTI wallet, pochette cles, porte monnaie plat, mirror & address book cover. It is absolutely gorgeous and to top it off all almost brand new condition.

I paid 1200.00 for the 5 pieces, what do you think of the price?
wow..I remember seeing that auction on ebay! It's a good deal as the seller was asking for $2000 at first! I bought a PTI recently for $600 you definitely get a good deal :yahoo: :yahoo: Congratulations! :heart:
That's a great price, IMO! Congrats!
It's hard to get all the accessories...would love to see a pic!
Is it the brown set or pink set? Both are amazing :smile: