Christmas Present to Myself - 08 Magenta!

  1. Even though I told myself no more bags for 2007, when I saw the 08 Magenta I fell in :love: . I figured since it was this late in the year, it pretty much qualified for a 2008 purchase! I was a little concerned about the dryness of the leather, as I ordered this from Diabro and their picture online looked very veiny and somewhat dry. But I asked them to try to pick one that was less veiny and more smooshy and I'm really happy with what they sent! She's soooooo purty!

    This is also my first City! I have two Twiggys and one First. The First is nearly too small for me and the Twiggy was just right. I originally thought the City might be a bit too big, but I love it!! It's a great size and I'm pretty sure my next BBag will also be a City.

    Introducing my 08 Magenta City ...



    On my monitor, this colour seems pretty accurate to real life.

    Now ... what could be next?! I really like the 08 Bubblegum, but because it would be similar to the 08 Magenta, I'm thinking I should pass. I'd really love a black City because that just seems to be a classic. Hmmmmmm ... decisions ... decisions! :girlsigh:
    08magenta_1.jpg 08magenta_2.jpg
  2. WOW...beautiful color!!! congrats!!!
  3. The color is GORGEOUS! And the leather looks great! Congrats! Now I want a 08 Magenta something!
  4. Stunning color! I am drooling!!!
  5. what a beauty!!
  6. :love: This is so beautiful!!! CONGRATS :woohoo:
  7. The color looks a lot deeper in person than on the website. I love it! How long did it take for it to arrive from when you ordered it? I'm just curious. I've been eyeing the magenta with the GSH!! :smile: Congrats on your bag, it's beautiful!!! :smile:
  8. Your new City is VERY gorgeous! Congratulation!
  9. Thanks! :smile: They shipped it on December 20th (from Japan to Canada) and it just arrived here today. It's usually just under a week, sometimes a bit sooner depending on how quickly it clears customs. This is my 3rd bag from them and I've had great service each time.

    I am VERY pleased with the colour and leather, because the colour on the website looked more washed out and a bit dry. I think they picked a great bag to send to me. I can't wait to get out and use it!
  10. Yay!!:yahoo: The magenta is fabulous! I got a SGH magenta coin purse and was shocked by how much better the leather was then some of the firsts I have seen at Neimans. It's crazy how different they are. It's great to hear someone likes diabro, I had been nervous about ordering from them. Hurry up and make plans to take her out of the house!!
  11. its beautiful!!!
  12. this is my favorite color. So gorgeous, congrats!
  13. WOW congrats! the color looks really deep and great, glad they sent you a good one! totally beautiful and very yummy!
  14. It's beautiful, the colour is amazing!
  15. beautiful!