Christmas pocket square

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  1. I wondered if anyone has any pics of the Christmas pocket squares. I was going to order some as presents for my friends but want to make sure they are 'lovely' first!
  2. Ooooooo...what a GREAT idea! These are not the Snowglobe scarves? I saw one last week that had a large Snowman on the front....maybe that's the one?

  3. They are smaller versions of the snowglobe scarf with some of the details missing. The pocket square comes in a variety of colors. Thought they would make nice gifts ( plus I would get brownie points with my SA!).
  4. Oh dear I feel something I want lol!!! Probably not on the website? I'll have to check with the sa -- I LOVE the large snowglobe scarve I have!
  5. Please, please, please, post a pic of the large one:tender:
  6. I've seen them at NM in SF and they are really cute! :yes:
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