Christmas pochette

  1. Got one this morning:love: . HG do you know the name (I think it is Noel), the artist, year? :shame:

  2. Want, want, want.
    Where did you get it?
    Bal Harbor did not have any Christmas pouchettes.
    Can you post a picture?
  3. oops, sorry! So excited that there is a typo in the heading and I forgot to attach the pic properly!
  4. Sus, they have them both at Madison Av (that's where I got mine) and at KOP (in case you want to avoid that annoying tax thing).
  5. That is the most adorable scarf I've seen yet!!!!! OK, another one to add to my list! Josephine Baker AND Noel! I'm going to have some fun at H today!!!!!!!!
  6. love it ... did you happen to notice any bags in maddison today ?
  7. Noel au 24 Faubourg. Artist is Dimitri Rybaltchenko. The scarf was first issued 2004 and the pochette in 2005.
  8. No sorry, I only had a 5 minute stop:hysteric: at the store (while the family waited in the car outside), on our way back to NJ....
  9. HG, Thanks!!! You are Prof H-Scarf !!
  10. ^^^^Not really, but thanks for the compliment. I belong to a few scarf groups and they have a ton of info on their sites. The people on these forums are so knowledgeable it blows me away. I have to tip my hat to them to be able to compile on this info on scarves.
  11. You are OUR expert and we love you!!
  12. Thanks any way rose just so excited to go to NY must be patient.....
  13. Oh this is so cute! I spoke with my SA about these the other day - thought of having one framed actually -- I have to figure out how to wear my large one though!
  14. Thanks Rose. I am on it.
  15. Yeah, I've been looking over all your scarf pictures...They are like works of art