Christmas/Party Games etc??

  1. Our annual Christmas party is rolling around the corner. After Midnight Mass, we're all heading to the in-law's house to eat dinner (or breakfast if its at 2 am!?) and play games, sing songs, and open presents. And this year we've got the dilemma we always do. We like to play Christmas songs when people enter and chat, but what are good some good Christmas songs?? We then all gather to eat in the dinner hall, and we put on Christmas movies, but what are good movies for kids the ages of newborn-14?? After that, we play games. We usually go for pin the antlers on the reindeer, guess how much candy is in the jar, and Facts. (a game my FIL made up, where we hear a fact and have to guess who it is, every right answer is $5.) What other fun games are there?? Christmas-y or not is fine. Thanks for all the ideas!! :flowers:
  2. I went to a Christmas Party last weekend. I had so much fun. We played this game where there were Rudolph's all over the house but only ONE was the real Rudolph. They marked a very faint R on the back of the real one. Whoever had it won!

    We played Bingo.

    They had us bring 2 presents that were only worth $3. One was for a Christmas exchange and the other one was for an auction. The one for the exchange. She had us sit in a circle and she read a story. Whenever she said left we passed the gifts to the left. Whenever she said right we passed them to the right. The link is below for the story.

    For the auction. Each person received a number when they came in. We bid on the other present. Whoever had the highest bid had to pay right then and there because all the money that they got from the auction they used as a prize for a drawing.

    Also, when we first got to their house, they gave us a sticker and a secret word which was Christmas. If you heard someone say the secret word you take their sticker. Whoever has the most stickers at the end of the night wins!
  3. oh wow, all these sound soooo great!! for the little rudolph was it a plush toy with a faint R written on the bottom of the plush? and i love how the auction game was all inner twined together with the secret word. :] :tup: THANKS!
  4. Spin the bottle! lol jpjp!

    We dont ever play games! Poop.

    But...scattergories is fun, I think up to like 12 people can play(not sure though).

    Umm..charades is fun!!

    Im not much help lol
  5. Haha, yah we do charades a lot! And I looooove scattergories, but DF get's all pissy because I'm sooo much better than him. He says when us girls play together, we team up against him when we have to vote weather his answer is good enough. Haha, I simply tell him, "I can't help it if you suck honey!!" LMAO:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  6. Oh and Spin the Bottle Val?? Can you imagine me kissing my FIL?! uhhh EWW!! :throwup::throwup: