Christmas Party Belgium

  1. Hi guys/girls/others

    I got an invitation to go to the Christmas party thing at my Brussels store. Should I go? Alone?

    Does somebody know if they're going to give out a goodie like the adress tag we received at the cocktail party earlier this year????

    Greets from Belgium
  2. Yes you should go! I hope you have fun!
  3. it would be nice if you could bring a friend. it would be more fun. i attended the private christmas cocktail here in oslo last friday and the guests were given a scented candle and the cruise collection catalogue.
  4. Yea you should go to atleast check it out!
    they got in a ton of new bags in at the cocktail party i went to the other day!
  5. i am going on the 16th in basel, alone cuz my husband is going to play paintball. i would love to go with a friend, but none of them like louis like me.
    i am curious about goodies too!
  6. Do go. I am going to the one in Edinburgh tomorrow - with a friend as my husband is away on business in Brussels. I am looking forward to seeing what is new and (hopefully) a nice goodie.
  7. I got my first invitation to go to the LV party in Tampa which is next Friday and I am taking my sister. I hope that you go too. I wonder if we will get anything special??
  8. They have a Vuitton party here in Belgium too? :wtf:

    I'm sorry, lol, I had this with Suzannes speedy too, I'm always more excited when something happens nearby :upsidedown:.

    You really have to go! I think you will get a gift (never went to a party myself). You also have to tell us what happened!

    Don't hesitate, go and have fun! And if you don't like it you can just leave (WITH the gift of course...:p)
  9. Go and have a good time!!
  10. definitely go and have a fab time! :biggrin::biggrin:
  11. Oooo, that sounds like fun, you should go!
  12. Okay I'm going (it's on sunday), found a victim LOL

    Will keep you guys updated, that is if it's worth it lol i do hope so!

    I'm hoping for another gift,

    A black epi keepall would be nice, but I would also settle for a smaller goodie :smile:

    Will try to take pics with the pda.

  13. ^^^glad you decided to go ... have fun!