Christmas Letter to Mother Chloe

  1. I think you will agree with me that Father Christmas isn't real... but we can always trust Mother Chloe...
    What would you ask her design-wise[/]I for the New Year? Is there a favourite that has been discontinued? Would you like her to revive an older style? Could she update a classic in a trendy colour?

    We have already seen some spring styles... and there are mixed opinions about them...

    I would ask Mother Chloe to continue manufacturing classic styles such as the Paddington, Betty, Silverado, and Edith, and forget about weird clumsy bags....

    I would also ask her to have them made in the best leather by excellent italian craftsmen... and check her quality controls as well:tup:...
  2. Good idea for a thread, Maria! :tup: I was thinking of posting something similar, myself. :smile:

    Yes, ITA with the leather, Italian craftsmanship and QC point. :yes:

    As PMA wants to strip back the hardware (and I think he may have a point, to be fair, as most of it's too heavy for me), I would like to see the soft, calf leather self-tie hobo reintroduced, like my tiger hobo:

    [​IMG] a rainbow of differerent colours; some embellished/decorated and some not; this is because it is easily the lightest and most naturally and beautifully shaped bag I have ever owned, which, if not full, slouches beautifully as you carry it (to almost half its size) and forms perfectly to the body. It has absolutely no extraneous hardware (just two rounded zip-pulls (one outside, one inside) and it has a nice, long, easily adjustable strap. I always hesitate to use the word 'classic', but it really is such a tried and trusted, comfortable shape to wear, that it is as near as I would ever get to describing a bag style as classic.

    I'd particularly love a plain '05 Chocolate-coloured one, ideally with Kerala charms attached through the hole of the zip-pull, via a removable clip. This hobo was a staple Chloe style, for a while (in various guises), so I don't see why it couldn't be re-introduced, as they did the Bracelet Bag? They did produce a hobo for SS '07, but it had a whopping great seam down the middle and rope handles - not ideal, IMO.

    Also, I would like to see a reintroduction of the Ida clutch:

    [​IMG] various, natural, colour combos and again, some plain and some embellished and with different charms. It's a great grab-clutch and as the gold beaded version sold-out very quickly on NAP in S/S '06, I think variations on the Ida style would probably be popular. Also, some other, similar, handmade, very soft, pleated (for volume), zipped-top clutches of a similar, managable size would be nice.

    A reintroduction of a soft (but stiffened at the back with a plate, which makes it easy-to-hold), foldover clutch, like this one from A/W '02 - '03, would be great, too:


    ...again, in a rainbow of colours. It would be nice to see matching wallets, as well. They did bring out a fairly similar-looking bag for A/W '07 (the Inge), but the proportions were a bit off and it had a Marniesque-looking ball hanging from it. :s​

    I would also like to see a variety of attractive charms that can be clipped onto zip-pulls, or removed, if desired; perhaps with lots of little charms of the motifs of the Stella and Phoebe collections(?), like wild horses, horseshoes, bananas, monkeys, tigers, orchids, horns, bats, eagles, fossil butterflies, anchors, skulls, London buses etc. and also, some plain, hardware-free, handmade, soft leather wallets.

    Jewellery-wise, I'd like to see some black lucite bangles, perhaps with the same tribute charms embedded in them? Snake bracelets would be nice, too (not exact copies of the original Phoebe one, but variations), as would charm bracelets and necklaces with similar Stella and Phoebe reference charms and/or Kerala charms, like those on the wallets.

    I'd like to see more geometric shapes incorporated into bags and other accessories, too and more black mixed with colour.

    Finally, I'd also like to see more reference made to earlier Chloe designers; like Karl Lagerfeld and less to other, current, designers. :smile:
    Chloe AW '03 - '04 Tiger Hobo ch.jpg Chloe SS '06 Ida Clutch (black), cropped, ch (small).jpg Chloe AW '02 Red Clutch ch small.jpg
  3. Oh my word - those are some utterly gorgeous bags, CHB! WoooWEEEE! ( I am in a Jerry Lee Lewis mood after just seeing the biopic...) Meanwhile maria - I would ask Mama Chloe for PHOEBE TO COME BACK! - and hire MOI as her assistant. I'd babysit for her - anthing she wants if it means freeing up her time to design the good stuff that feeds our habits!!
  4. I wish Chloe people had a look at this thread to get an idea what we are after...
  5. May I be the assistant of the assistant? :graucho:

    I second that: we want Phoebe back!!
    CHB: gorgeous collection!!:yes:

  6. Ahhh, thanks, div - you're too kind! :shame: :flowers:

    Amen to that! :tup:

  7. Thanks so much, Babi! :flowers:

  8. CHB... I love your collection and I love the way you write... I do hope someone at Chloe reads this thread and gets some idea of what we really want... :yes:
  9. I know I'm repeating myself here, but...more Edith please! Forget about the cutting edge stuff, just keep it simple.
  10. For me, my dream would be if the Ediths came back and in every colour of the rainbow... it's a classic, and should be treated as such.
  11. I agree, the Edith is a classic style, I really didn't care for it in the beginning, but now find myself reaching for an Edith more than any of my other bags.
  12. Ahhh, thanks maria, you're far too kind! :flowers: :shame:

    I forgot to mention that I'm also really into Art Nouveau, at the moment, so if Mother Chloe is still listening and hasn't gone off on her post-festivities holiday, just yet - some Art Nouveau (perhaps via the late '70s/early '80s?) inspired clothes and accessories would be really nice, too and also, some early '80s, glamourous but fairly simple, inverted triangle, Karl Lagerfeld for Chloe-inspired clothing styles (which have been looking really 'right' again, to me, lately), such as dresses, coats, shawls/wraps etc., in black and other dark, rich, colours and as I mentioned before, the appropriate geometrically decorated (but with the leather goods always made from very soft materials) accessories to go with them . :smile:
  13. Am I cooing over your bags chloehandbags :heart:

    I was so obsessed with Chloe*items over the last few years but the past 18 months or so have rapidly started to lose my passion. I vote for you guys to hold a Chloe customer focus group!!!!
  14. ^ Thanks so much, Berkin! :flowers:

    I've pretty much lost my passion, too. :yes: :sad:

    What a good idea! Sounds like you should definitely be involved in the group, too! :tup:

    BTW, do you have a showcase thread of your older Chloe items? I'd love to see them. :yes:
  15. Getting my Chloe's photographed is on my To Do List for 2008!

    It seems so strange that more and more people seem to be getting on the Chloe bandwagon, yet a few years ago when I mentioned Chloe bags to my friends they couldn't work out what all the fuss was, I think probably people tended to associate LV and Hermes as being CULT, now Chloe has moved into that area IMO but bags haven't been in the same league, yet I know people who will buy the bag because its Chloe. God does that frustrate me!