christmas is taking forever lol

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  1. I am so excited to get some new louis vuitton goodies that Im dying. I am so inclined to buy it now but then my husband might be sad cuz he was going to get me something lol.:heart:
  2. Lol I agree hehe. I know for sure that I'm getting the framboise Speedy keyring, Pastilles bracelet/extender, silver Miroir Speedy and the Icons book. Plus whatever else I get that I didn't already accidentally find out about haha. But I'm also having fun shopping for presents for my family this year. Finally a year where the majority of my presents are going to be surprises for them! :heart:
  3. I already did my X-Mas shopping :lol: Miroir Speedy Gold & a Treo 680 for me. A Razr V3 for my mom :smile:
  4. Ooh I hope your mom likes her Razr! My mom has a fuchsia one like mine..she finally knows how to text me back now after I taught her haha.
  5. The next bag I have on my list is the Custom Mini Pleaty which I hope to get for Christmas.