Christmas is great and a great time to...

  1. GET PURSES! So what kind of purses did you all get I fot one that is so cool. I love it!:love:
  2. So what did you all get
  3. Received a Coach wallet as my Hannukah gift from my husband, and bought myself a Paddington! :P

    The bag you got is cute!
  4. I got a Balenciaga motorcycle bag (medium) in cornflower blue, two Chanel bags -- a classic flap bag in black and a small tote bag in gold. Yesterday I got an Emilio Pucci on sale! I've been doing grrrrreat lately! Gotta give the credit card a breather .... lol
  5. Bought a whiskey paddington as a Christmas gift to myself, and the bf gave me an LV monogram ludlow wallet :love: Yesterday I bought a vintage LV Speedy 25 with my Christmas money.
  6. I got a LV Damier Duomo and a Mono Key & Change holder.
  7. Cristina, what do you mean by vintage?? Got pics?
  8. Yeah Christina I would like to see some pics also.
  9. I won it yesterday on eBay for $275 from a seller who had purchased it less than a month ago from a My Poupette Recommended Seller. Here are some photos from the auction.




  10. That is real cute! I have never seen that brand. I like it.

  11. Wait a second you have never seen a Louis Vuitton?
  12. I got a little Coach suede in apple green during the mad holiday shopping.

  13. lol, that threw me off a little as well.

    sadly, not purse for me this christmas :cry:
    i'm saving up to buy a watch and that gorgeous prada bag i saw.:love:

  14. I really have never seen that brand before but I really like it!
  15. Bought a Furla suede clutch in Brown, it can also be used as a tote, love it! Cant wait to wear it for my cousin's wedding.. :smile: