Christmas is coming and I have some tough decisions to make!!!

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  1. All of them are lovely and wonderful choices, but I know you will just love having a Kooba.
  2. love this one
  3. Wow, everyone here has such good suggestions! Teenpurseaholic, you obviously put a lot of thought into your purchases and have very nice taste--whatever you decide will look good on you!
  4. Looking good is one thing (which, they all do) but I also got the sense that you wanted to be practical and if you're anything like me, around the holidays, I am constantly shopping which means I am constantly digging through my bag; which means it's with me wherever I go.
    I'm afraid that anything with a really long non-adjustable strap might not be very practical for you. Especially since you're petite.
    The Bulga's are nice and I definitely vote for the Koobas (a sale is a sale) but I'm afraid that the one you like the most may not be the most practical. I mean, if you love it then go for it, but I'm just kinda afraid it won't do what you need it to do for you, you know?

  5. I myself am looking to get the Bulga!
  6. the Aaneta Cleopatra in blue!