Christmas is coming and I have some tough decisions to make!!!

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  1. I have been shopping around for a nice leather purse for daily use. I have this coach soho tweed demi purse but it is way too small come winter when I am cramming tons of junk in my purse. I am looking for a roomy, quality leather bag...thats under $500. So far I'm interested in:

    The Bulga Pudding Satchel: [​IMG]$430
    but I'm afraid it may not be the most comfortable to sling over my shoulder...and over my peacoat... when I am just heading out to work or to shop.

    Elliot Lucca "Georgia II" Handbag: [​IMG]$268
    I think its really cute especially with the braiding but I don't know anything about the brand or the quality and softness of the leather.

    Lauren Merkin Purse:[​IMG]Sale: $170
    Really affordable and, again, I like the braided strap but it may be too small for winter. PS. I love navy blue.

    Finally the one I am really in love with but most worried and indecisive about:

    Aaneta Cleopatra Bag: [​IMG]$365
    I think the style is really cute and perfect as a laid back everyday bag. It definitly has enough room but I am worried it might be too big. Also I am rather petite the strap is not adjustable so I don't want it to look ridiculously long on me. But one of my favorite actresses Rachel Bilson has it and I dont think it looks too bizarre on her. [​IMG]So I like this blue color but I also like the olive color. [​IMG]
    Obviously lots of decisions to make on the purse and the others. If you own any of the purses above I would love to know how you like them, how they feel and fit. And even if you don't own them I'd love some opinions or even suggestions. I am pretty open minded and would love to even add to my list of decisions because I want to find the best purse this winter.

    Thanks for any help you can provide!!
  2. Welcome, you've made some great choices there. I don't own any of the bags you mentioned, nor have I even seen them in real life. However, that will not stop me from voting - for the blue Aaneta :smile:
  3. I love the Aaneta Cleaopatra and it looks amazing IRL
  4. This is sorta pushing the limit of your budget, but I loooove this bag:


    Here's the link: Francesco Biasia Handbags Secret Love Four - Double Handle Tote (Blue) - Handbags


    Another nice option, and much cheaper! : Francesco Biasia Handbags Star Crazy - Double Shoulder Sling (Blue) - Handbags

    I saw this guy in real life this week too and its GORGEOUS, the leather is a much deeper navy color than pictured here:


    Of your selections, I like the Bulga the best, but I see your concern about fitting it over your shoulder. I'm afraid that you'll have trouble with the bags with the long straps because they aren't adjustable. But the style overall is cute, you might try hunting around for a Bulga tote instead. Oooh, just found one:


    Here's the link: Bulga Navy Medium Studded Tote : PinkMascara
  5. ooooh love that bulga studded tote! That is going straight on the list! Thank you!
  6. Of all the bags you listed and that others have suggested, I still vote for the blue Aaneta Cleopatra bag. Love it!
  7. Hi and Welcome! :welcome:

    I like the Lauren Merkin best. :yes:
  8. i love the lauren merkin
  9. I love them all I don't know how I am going to choose!! In my head I am leaning towards the aaneta cleo bags...I love the blue color but I dont know if I would want the large or the small...I can only find the small in olive...which I like too and goes with the majority of my wardrobe...but oh I don't know!
  10. teenpurseahocil - all the ones you posted are lovely.