Christmas In Vienna! Any Tips Appreciated!


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Mar 23, 2006
Hi girls,

I will be spending Christmas in Vienna so I would like some help from all of you who have been there or live there as to:
  • Shopping tips-store opening hours during 21-28 of December
  • Restaurants
  • Any good theaters/operas
  • What would be the best place to go on Cristmas eve and Christmas day
As always I am counting on all of you and thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to help!:heart: :heart:
There is one restaurant that I loved when I was there, and I can't remember the name...I'm sorry!

Anyway, places to go see are the Burgtheatre and the Schonbrunn Palace, they're both beautiful.

Make sure you bring a warm coat as it will be cold!!!

Have a wonderful time!!!
Sorry I've never been there...but it's always nice to thank you, Vielen dank and your wecome...Bitte schon...nothing makes people happier than good manners...

have fun!
Tyxeroula!!!:greengrin: I have never been to Vienna either but I wish you the best trip and to have a great time while you are there! Happy Holidays!

Efharisto my dear! I have never been either! To be honest now that I am engaged we have decided with my fiancee to go on a trip every Christams season to avoid all those family dinners and lunches from both sides. Yoy know how it is with Greek families ...everybody wants to feed you:roflmfao:
I have been to Vienna several times, my surrogate Mom lives there. Here are some tips:

- Take a night cruise on the Danube

- Visit Schönbrunn castle, which in my opinion is better than Versailles Schloß Schönbrunn- Introduction

- Take in a concert, here's the schedule. The Christmas in Vienna concert is an annual thing, it's very good. Wiener Konzerthaus

-There is also a really good restaurant there: WEINZIRL - Restaurant im Konzerthaus | Österreichische Schmankerl | Familie Weinzirl

-The Spanish Riding school is in Vienna and it is amazing to go there and watch the Lipizzan Stallions. They are STUNNING

-Also the Hofburg Palace complex is amazing to see Hofburg Kongresszentrum Vienna - imperial ambience for conferences, congresses and festive banquet-events

-Also don't miss St Stephen's cathedral. We hiked to the top and also visited the catacombs!

-As for shopping, Vienna has a great public transport system, so I'd suggest you start at the Opera stop on the streetcar. You can follow Kartnerstrasse (street famous for shopping) to Stepensdom in the very center of the city. (While you are near the Opera, there is a little sausage stand outside it that's been there for years. Stop there and have a sausage with some of the spicy mustard. It's delicious!!)

-Don Giovanni is being performed at the Volksopera: ..:: - Video ::..

-Eating on xmas eve and xmas day may be tricky, check with your hotel concierge regarding places that are open and ask them to help you arrange a reservation.

Have fun! :heart:
You're welcome CYPRUS. There is another place I wanted to tell you about, but I can't remember the name. I've emailed my friend there to ask her. It is this little village outside of Vienna. It is very old and closed off to cars. It is filled with the most darling shops and restaurants and is entirely pedestrian. I would imagine at xmas it's probably decorated exquisitely. I will post here when I get the details on it.

The other thing you should think about doing is taking a ride on the famous Vienna Wheel:

Riesenrad - Geschichte

It's really fun. The original wheel that was there was destroyed during the bombing in WW2, and the current wheel is an exact replica of the one that was destroyed.
Hi! I've been a Vienna resident since oct. 2005, if you have questions feel free to PM me.

Roo has already posted the most famous sights, they are indeed nice but also very crowded with tourists and people in general

@opening hours: usually shops are closed on sundays. mo-fr up to 18.30 and saturday 17.00, but it varies from shop to shop. in which stuff/brands are you interested in?
I can not think of a nicer place to be for Christmas than Vienna... I have spent at least 20 Christmas's" there all the advice above is personal favorites are dinner at the Saher or Imperial Hotel, visiting all the Christmas markets starting with the Rathouse and then walking up Mariahilfer strasse, and ending up at the Christmas market at the Schunbrun , (sorry for the spelling, my U.S. keyboard does not allow for german spelling) I love shopping all along the Graben, there is a Hermes store there and also the Karntner Strasse and Ring. The Opera on the Ring has amazing ballets and operas, but you will probably have to have your Hotel's consierge book it...last minute tickets are often available that way!...and if you have any can add me to your pm list...of asking And if you only go to one coffe shop...go to the Demel!...THE Michaeler platz, off of the Graben. Have a wonderful time...:nuts: :tender: :drinkup:
Thanx again girls! I am going to summarize what you have told me and pm you if I need sth! My ticket is for tomorrow so tonight I am going to be preparing!

A big thank you to Roo,sw0pp and avandome for their time and info!