Christmas in April?!

  1. Looks like it by all the red and green I'm seeing! These are pics of my 2 latest purchases. They're not with me yet but I will defintiely post when they get here!
    red1.jpg apple2.JPG
  2. hmmm they look yummy! hope you receive them soooooon!!!!
  3. Congrats SpecialK! Wow, the leather on both are scrumptious! :balloon:
  4. They are both gorgeous! You have great taste. Is that an apple green city? What red is that?
  5. Its an Apple green city and an 04 True Red with Pewter HW! My first Pewter HW bag, Im so excited!! :yahoo:

    I've never seen apple green irl so I hope I like it.
  6. OMG:nuts: !!! Two TDF bags...congrats!!!
  7. Wow...i love ur red first esp it's pewter HW.....wat a fabulous bag....and ur apple green city is gorgeous too...congrats for both, don't forget to post pics on them when u rec'd them.....hehehehe
  8. OMG SpecialK :nuts: they both are BREATHTAKING :drool: :yahoo: - you lucky girl !! I'm so happy for you - both bags are just perfect for spring and summer ;) :heart: - I hope you'll get it soon !! CONGRATS :flowers:
  9. Thanks everyone! I have my eye on a couple more bags but I am trying to show some restraint!

    Im going to Miami this Sat and Brazil next Friday. I would looooove to have them here by at least my Brazil trip (not that I can wear them out in the streets....I'll get mugged its so dangerous there :sad: )
  10. The colors are fabulous!!!
  11. [​IMG]
    absolutely yummy!!!
  12. Teehee! I know....I'm giddy like a little school girl waiting for her :cutesy:

    I have to thank Mimi for this little gem!
  13. Wow, two great bags - enjoy!
  14. WOW, that 04 True Red is just stunning. Congrats on getting two super gorgeous rare bags. :heart:
  15. That red is truly gorgeous especially with the pewter hardware! Let us know how you like the apple green IRL.