Christmas Handbag

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  1. I really want a new handbag for christmas something that is not over $700. im only 16 so nothing to old or sophistacated looking. ive been looking at the Gustto Parina bag, kooba sienna, and bulga bags so far. any suggestions??
  2. Botkier trigger?
  3. I love the Kooba Sienna.
  4. I'm not sure what most teens carry these days, but around here, young ladies *seem* to strongly favor D&B, Coach, Kathy VanZeeland, and Juicy. Of, and Brahmin bags, I think they're called. This area is fairly conservative/traditional.
  5. I think the kooba too.
  6. Because of your age, I suggest Juicy or Dooney. The colors are vibrant and fab to go along with your youth!
  7. Me too :yes:
  8. It depends on your style. If you want trendy and recognizability (sp???) a signature Coach or Dooney. If you want to be a little different and like the look, feel, and longevity of good leather....KOOBA it is. A Sienna would be a cool choice and it would be with you for many years while the styles of a trendier bag may not mature with you.
  9. Nothing too fancy or overly special but fun-none-the-less and they can be "customized":

    *Coach's new personalized edition (many styles and it can be monogrammed - check their site)

    *Tylie (seeing a big display recently at both my Nordy's. I got mine several years ago at Fred Segals *I think* but they seem to be out again. Again, the PERSONALIZATION is what makes it great and unique - say your name or get creative!)

    These both should be well below $700
  10. I love the gustto parina! For around $100 more, the Marc Jacobs Trish is on sale in cinnamon at Net-a-porter.
  11. Also, can't beat Goldenbleu for fantastic leather at that price. I like Rebecca Minkoff too, which is < $600.
  12. guys check this site out.LUXURY WORLD : Home