Christmas guilt - are you picky?


Apr 9, 2006
I feel soooo freaking guilty I'm way too picky and already don't like one of my gifts. Do you all just live with it or exchange the item when this happens? Does it sit in the back of your closet? Do you use something you don't really like just to spare feelings?

Man Santa should leave some coal in my stocking. :sad:
It depends what it is.

If someone buys me clothes I don't like then I'll usually exchange them (but generally people give you a gift receipt with those types of gifts just in case).
It's pretty rare that I would admit to not liking something... I generally just keep the item and try to find a use for it.

I remember one time my grandmother got me this sweater and even though I thanked her and tried to be gracious, my mom could tell I wasn't crazy about it... they all talked me into going with them to exchange it the next day, but I felt terrible that I hadn't done better at faking it. I hate to make others feel bad, especially about a gift which is generally a thoughtful gesture even if it doesn't quite hit the mark.
I am VERY picky and I always send my husband emails with photos and sizes so that he can make no mistakes. No guilt because I give everyone a range of choices, incl. price points. It helps that everyone knows I hate surprises.
i usually warn people not to get me clothes, and i try to make my taste in jewelry very apparent to boys that i think may be interested in purchasing me some. other than that, i'll exchange or return if i know the giver didn't put a great deal of thought and emotion into the choice (usually now, people include gift reciepts with that sort of stuff). if it's something that i feel a good bit of thought and effort went in to, i won't exchange or return, because it really is the thought that counts and i'd rather have the item and the sentiment that is behind it than exchange all that for something that looks nice.

the exception to that is jewelry from a significant other - they expect you to wear it regularly, in many cases, so if it's something that's REALLY not my style, i'll suggest going back to the store together to pick something we both like. that's worked in the past.
in my boyfriends family, they return about half of what they get. its so strange that they wouldnt just give cash or a cift cert by now. usually the item is not the right color, not the right size, to big to small, not their taste, already boughten as a pervoius gift, etc. ive never seen anything like it... it baffles me. i think ive probably ony returned maybe 2 gifts ever.
In my family, it is perfectly acceptable to return something. However, all of my cousins and I have a list that is given to our parents around Thanksgiving and the aunts and uncles pick gifts off those lists, which usually ensures that you get something you want and don't have the hassle of returning anything. Generally we don't give out gift cards as entire gifts unless someone is saving up for something...I prefer to not receive gift cards from family.

However, my bf's family is not allowed to return anything! That's just crazy to me.
I am picky about clothes... but most people have learned exactly what to get me or where to get it from- store credit to a favorite store works fine for me!!

I do try to be very nice about it- and like Amanda said, if they really put a lot of thought into it, I keep it.
In my family its ok to return things too. We hate wasting money I guess and none really gets hurt.

I just feel bad when I want to return something that my fiance gives me, more because I don't want him to feel like he has bad taste, I know he shops super quickly, so its about 1 hour before he's done getting my presents anyways.
Extremely picky ! although, i can always count on my husband for always hitting the nail on the head when it comes to jewelry & lingerie, and things i love to collect, such as, hat boxes and vintage purse's. but as far as clothing, accessories and perfume goes, i strongly suggest you don't go there !
My reputation is that I am very picky, which is true and also not true.

I like when people put thought into my gifts. If that is the case, I definitely keep the gift. If very little thought was put into the gift and I don't like it, I will ususally keep it but not use it. I may even regift it later on to someone that I know who will like it. Or, depending on my relationship with the person, I may give it back.

Because of my reputation, some people have stopped giving me presents altogether. It's not because I was mean to them about presents in the past, just that they think they have to get me something really expensive and they don't know what to get me. It's okay though because I'd rather them save their money than waste it on something that I won't like. I don't "need" anything and I'm more excited about giving the right gifts anyway. (I like having reasons to shop!)
now that i'm older, i don't really expect gifts. my close friends and i don't exchange gifts anymore.

with my family, i tell them what i want exactly. and if i don't like what i got, i'll be honest about it. last year, my brother and his fiancee bought me this huge comforter and wool socks. while it was nice, i really had no use for it, so i just gave it back to them. my brother gave me the receipt to return/exchange, though. no feelings hurt, we've always been honest about these things.

i am quite picky about what i want, so i often get either gift cards or money so that i can make my own purchases later