Christmas Gifts to Referrals - or Harry & David?


Christmas/Holiday Gift for Referrals - Which Gift?

  1. Gift Certificates

  2. Harry & David or IPods or Wine of the Month/etc.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm in charge of gifts to referrals for my husband's business. We have different levels of gift giving - from $100 to $500.00. In the past, we have given I-Pods w/Bose Dock Stations; Waterford Crystal Vases, Harry & David Gift Baskets/Fruit of the Month, etc., Wine of the Month Clubs. This year I want to give gift certificates. I explained my rationale for this - (1) everyone would be able to chose who they want to loan money too; (2) everyone would be reminded of my husband's business when they receive the e-mail updates on the repayment of these micro-loans (from a marketing point of view); (3) people would appreciate something different this year and I think this is very different; (4) the gift receivers would have the option of taking the cash OUT once the initial loan is paid, or they could choose to re-loan the money (which I hope they do). I have been loaning money on Kiva since LouiseyPeasey told me about the organization. It is really cool. You can go online, and you get to view the businesses located around the world, and you kind of get to "meet" the loan recipients. My husband is really reluctant to do this. He believes the referrals would rather have some "tangible." I think this is tangible!!! I know all of you have a wide range of backgrounds, and I'd love to hear what you think. Please help! Even if you agree with my husband, I would love to hear that too! :yes:
  2. I saw a report about Kiva on the news last night!!! I think it's fantastic!!! I would be more then thrilled to get that as my gift although some people may not. I think that is the greatest idea ever!!!! I hope you give that gift~ it is without a doubt the most generous!!!
  3. Thanks for your input, Zacorey! :yes:
  4. You're welcome! You have a heart of gold!!!!!!:heart::heart::heart:
  5. K., I think it's important for us to know what kind of business we're talking about. I know you may not want to be specific, but I think the client's reaction/response to the Kiva initiative may be tied fairly closely to certain of their demo/psycho graphics. You know what? I'm going to PM you...
  6. I just spent some time on the website and think it's a great idea.
    I agree w/ zicorey. I also agree with your thinking that people might enjoy something completely different this year!!
  7. Maggien, you are right - I should have put that in - these are all dentists, oral surgeons, mouth jockeys of some sort. Not gifts for the staff - we do different gifts for staff. These would be gifts that would be sent to the dentists/oral surgeons/periodontists, etc., that send my husband patients. Thank you for pointing that out!
  8. Thanks Gina!
  9. sounds really cool; I think I've heard about this microlending thing before. It's definitely different from the usual gift, and makes differences in people's lives, so that's awesome!
  10. get's my vote. It reminds of the old advertising line "the gift that keeps on giving"! Great idea!
  11. Hey Deana, do you like pink a little? LOL I love your bags!!! is an amazing idea. Let's face it... professionals get tons of fluff stuff at Christmas. Candies, chocolates, vases, cakes, flowers, wreaths, you name it. This would be a wonderful way to break up the monotonous pile of "stuff" you get. Not to mention it brings back what Christmas is supposed to be about! :biggrin:
  12. I just wanted to add I'm giving Kiva gift certs now after reading about this... what a GREAT idea... thanks for posting it.
  13. Since the receipients undoubtedly have money to purchase wine, ipods, etc., I vote for Kiva!! I think it would be a wonderful gift that truly expresses the meaning of the Christmas season!! Go for it!!

    I do Kiva as well!!

    PS If I were to receive such a gift, I would be most impressed with the giver, KWIM???
  14. Emily, thank you so much for your input!

    Deana, as always, thank you!

    ilikepenguins - thank you so much!
  15. omg, LOVE your avatar!!! I wanna cuddle with him/her.