Christmas Gifts Part 2

  1. This was under the christmas tree as gift no.2...:yahoo:


    Etrusque lizard 25cm :yes::graucho::graucho::love:
    (etrusque is such a lovely red brown - I don't see it around much which is a shame)

    Could resist these loubo shoes so they are my gift to myself ;)

  2. HOLY SMOKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your bags just get more beautiful each time! That is gorgeous! And those shoes, divine!
  3. WHAT!!! Are you kidding me? You must have been Santa's favourite this year. Congrats. What a rare bag!
  4. :woohoo::woohoo: another congratulations archangel. The bag is so nice. I love lizard 25 birkin. :yahoo::tup:
  5. OOOOOOH that is simply divine.. what a wonderful Christmas gift! and the shoes WOW :smile:
  6. Wow - that Birkin is TDF! I love the CLs too:drool:!!
  7. OH ARCHANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAAHHHH!!!!!!!!! I love lizard. Congrats!!
  8. Oh, Wow!! That bag is really, really fabulous!!! Love the shoes, too! Congratulations!!!
  9. archangel... I will wait for your third Christmas unveiling tomorrow where your next handbag will be a tri-exotic Birkin with lizard, croc, and Bird rolled into one. Let's see. :graucho:
  10. I think archangel has been really really good to her Santa this year! LOL! So rare! So rare!

  11. Oh my God , I had barely caught my breath after seeing your other bag , this one is to die for !
  12. Congrats!
  13. got some MAJOR gifts!!! Exotics are definitely MAJOR!
  14. GORGEOUS!!!!!!! 25cm Lizard in Etrusque is a stunning bag......and the Lou's ain't too bad either!!!!! LOL!!!!
  15. Good lord, woman!!! First that amazing violet croc and now this stunning lizard? It's GORGEOUS! Santa sure must like some folks a LOT!