Christmas gifts for your boyfriend?


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Nov 10, 2005
I'm lost.. I dunno yet what I want to get for my boyfriend... I was thinking Nano IPOD.. but i'm not sure yet.. so I'm going to ask you guys if you have any ideas what to give for a boyfriend.. Some ladies out here might need an input too.. Also, if you have decided what to give.. please please post it.. so we can get an idea.. I'm so lost...:shame:
does your guy like technology? Then what about giving him the new X BOX 360? I think it will be hard to get it though? Or you can always wrap yourselve up and be the gift! :smile:
Well, its my husband and the assortment is as follows....

--pair of cufflinks
--HD DVD of virtual fireplaces (we have a 9' -- yes, NINE FOOT -- screen and I think turning it into a fireplace is funny)
--a coffee table book whose cover I customized (look for a separate thread...I think I'll post about it)
--a large leather lion you can use as a foot rest (its about the size of a St. Bernard)
--professionally assembled, printed and bound book of all our apartment demolition and renovation photos.

His birthday is in February so I usually save the BIG one for that. I'm getting him these cufflinks from Bergdorf's for his birthday. When you open and close the jaws, the diamonds appear and then disappear in the eye sockets!


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my boyfriend and i are getting a dog for christmas! a boykin spaniel - they're rare and supposed to be GREAT boat dogs (my boyfriend enjoys his duck hunting) as well as companions. we're on a wait list for one from the granddaughter of the man that started the breed.
I plan on getting my bf an electric razor so it is more convient for him. I know he has always wanted one. I also want to get him parts for his computer too. He builds his own and I know he wants to upgrade.
Megs always complains that it's impossible to do gift shopping for me. Apparently, I'm not the only one causing troubles in a woman's life.
HELP!!! Can any of you come up with some creative gift ideas for the guy that has EVERYTHING materialistic that he could ever want? As much as I love December (my bday is coming up and so is Christmas!) I get really irritated bc I can never get anything that amazes him-palm pilots, cell phones, clothes, cologne, wallets, pens, housewares, etc...either he already has them so I end up returning or he hates it...eeek, please help!:wacko:
^^^Get him a Vertu phone, that is the ultimate in phones, unless he already has one :lol:

I don't have a man this year, but I am debating what to get my sexy SA. I'm between Hermes cuff links, tiffany decor of some kind, tie, gift certificate to a fine dining place that he'll hopefully catch the hint on, and a bottle of wine. Bleh, I suck at this!
hehe haven't made any progress sadly :sad:

I went to what was supposed to be the opening today however, it was pushed back :sad: That suckssssssssssss, so I'm going to try to go again tomorrow, maybe it'll be open :biggrin: I neeeeeeeeed this man!!!!!!! :love: What do you think I should get him Vlad?
The IPod Nano is a good idea. Is he into music? Do you think he'd use it a lot? I try to buy my bf stuff that I think he will use.

Or, just ask! This year I asked, and he told me he wanted the XBox 360. I'm having trouble finding it, but I'm still searching. I also love to buy him clothes, he seems to have some trouble picking clothes that look good on him :lol: Last year I bought him a nice leather Quiksilver wallet and a ton of clothes.

Watches are also a nice idea. Three years ago I bought my bf a beautiful Fossil watch and had it engraved on the back with a sweet message :shame: I'll try to think of more suggestions :biggrin:
Vlad said:
Megs always complains that it's impossible to do gift shopping for me. Apparently, I'm not the only one causing troubles in a woman's life.

Vlad, honey, this is a purse not get us started on the troubles that men cause! We'll never, EVER get back to the task at hand!:P